Enclosure Mounting Question- Clevis Pin Size

Hey all, So I’ve been 95% done with my build for awhile now, just been waiting on the enclosures. I’m going to be using clevis pins to mount the enclosure. The smallest pins size I can find is 1/4 in.diameter, which means I’ll be drilling approximately a dozen 1/4in. holes in my deck. I’m somewhat concerned about the effect this might have on the structural integrity of the deck (Picture posted below). The deck is 9ply birch with a dark hardwood veneer (koa maybe? IDK). Should I go ahead and get the 1/4 in. pins or try to find smaller pins? I’m not the best with wood, so any and all comments and advice is welcome. Thanks a bunch.


look here:

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Clevice pins eh? Wonder if a dues quick release could be used if quick access is a must

Nice Deck!!!

Yeah I read through that thread- it’s actually where I got the idea to use clevis pins. The main issue is his deck appears to be a thicker wood w/ a carbon fiber veneer. He also used a single enclosure and I’m planning on using a dual enclosure- double the holes.

What kind of quick release are you thinking of? I really just wanted something that makes taking off the enclosure simple as I don’t have a BMS. If size really becomes and issue, I can always use bolts and wing nuts.

Thanks, it took a couple hours to grip everything but it was definitely worth it.

The ones @thisguyhere used/linked were 3/16 diameter so that’s smaller than the 1/4 you found I’m, not sure what these holes will do as I’ve only used CF decks and drilled only 8 holes max

I would be hesitant to even step on it!! Don’t forget to wipe your feet…:slight_smile:

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Oh, I may try to get some of those. That would definitely cut down on the stress points. Now that I’m thinking, I may look into carbon fiber reinforcement of the deck.

yea i doubt tiny holes along the perimeter of the deck is really going to affect the structural integrity of deck in any significant way.

if you’re doing a split enclosure i’m sure you can get away with four pins per enclosure.

that is unless you’ve got all your parts just sitting inside the enclosure. all my components are mounted to the deck first. the enclosure just acts as a cowl.

Yeah I’ve got everything velcroed to the deck pretty securely. I’ll try to see if any local hardware shops have smaller pins, just to play it safe. I know retailers online have them, but shipping this time of year is gonna take FOREVER. Thanks for the input man.

McMaster carr has one the best order fulfillment next to Amazon, you’d be surprised

Look into dzus fasteners.

I think they would work great.

I dunno about Imperial sizing cause I use metric. but I got 5mm pins.

Those look super slick. I’m not sure they’re gonna work with the shape of the enclosure I’ve got, but I’ll definitely keep those in mind.

Out of curiosity, is your deck solid carbon fiber or is it a wood/carbon hybrid? 5mm is very close to 3/16 in. so if it worked for you, it might work for me.

Good to know. Thanks for the tip

Ohh yeah quarter-turn fasteners. They seem super neat but I’m not sure they’ll fit with the enclosure shape I’ve got. I’ll keep them in mind for next time though.

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