Endurance | SK3 149kv | 12s LiPo w/ BMS | VESC

Better start this now then later. I’ve been waiting to have the build finished to post this, but it’s taking much much MUCH longer than expected. Let this serve as a build log.


Spreadsheet here

Design: I have drawn up multiple variants, all that will contribute to the final design:


Also, I should mention that everything here (along with more detailed explanations) are on my blog.

Calculations: Included in spreadsheet

Current Status: I’m waiting for on a VESC.

Comment with suggestions/questions!


2 things. DIY doesn’t have Paris truck options for the mount you linked. And, you might want to get a wider belt if you’re running single motor. 9mm may snap when hard accelerating or braking.

already have the paris truck mount, so…


Built the Mad Munkey v1 from @FLATLINEcustoms

Looks premium, feels premium. Hoping to add a wrist strap soon.


Hi have the same battery and charger as you but I can’t charge the battery and I need an adapter what did you use and how, yhanks

to plug into the charger or battery?

I need an adapter for the battery to plug into the cord that’s connected to the charger

The cord is the one that plugs into the black and red holes on the right of the charger

do you have xt60 on your battery?

No I don’t have one

should work you should probably get a soldering iron along with some XT60s and switch them up.

wall mounting

at $3 you cant beat it. only took a week to get here.

Built a vacuum forming table today for the enclosure. Working on the mold.



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Looks very nice! I have a few questions on the topic of enclosures:

  1. what abs sheet do you use? (thickness)
  2. how long do you keep it in the oven and at what temperature? Thanks!

I haven’t made the enclosure yet but will be tomorrow.

  • 1/8" ABS plastic.
  • 350f at 5ish minutes.

The button LED already broke… Wow.

The XT90-S in the video does not have any function? The wiring seems interessting :smiley:

It will be the on/off switch.