Enertion Boards All-In-One Carbon Fiber Electric Skateboard Deck

One of the biggest challenges faced when building your own electric skateboard is mounting the components safely onto the underside of your skateboard deck.

Most wood decks are around 10-15mm thick, some even thicker. This is wasted space! & it adds to the overall weight of your build. With the use of carbon fiber & foam core technology it is possible to remove the middle section of the deck & create structure around an internal cavity. This allows you to safely house your expensive electronics inside an environmentally sealed capsule.

So this is what we came up with…

Note: Picture for illustration purpose only, Does not come with any electronic components, skateboard deck only.

With the Enertion All-In-One Carbon Fiber deck all of your electronic components (except the motors) can be installed safely inside, not only does this look awesome it will make for one of the lightest electric skateboard builds you can build at home.

The components housing is sealed below the deck to prevent dust and moisture contacting your electrics. You simply remove a few screws at the top and can access your battery for a quick swap out.

The All-In-One Carbon fiber deck is compatible with the Enertion S.P.A.C.E Cell or most common 3 Cell LIPO batteries available from the hobby store. So now you can fully customize your ride. Range VS Weight, Torque VS Top Speed, the choice is yours.



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UPDATE: We decided to modify the mold early in the production process to further increase strength. Unfortunately this put us behind our schedule by about 3 weeks.

The good news is we are pushing forward and now have the final production unit just days from being ready.

Here are some photos of the deck fresh from baking in the mold!

The deck pictured above is in its raw state, it needs to be coated in a hard epoxy outer shell which makes it look shiny! and completely seals the fibers! There will be nuts inserted into the lip around the top of the enclosure so you can fasten the lid down with screws. The lid is made from a flat sheet of Fiber Glass.

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

Nice! Almost makes me want a top mount!

nice. interested to see how they hold up to some real world skating. I do a bit of carbon work myself and I have got to say making a deck has crossed my mind alot more than once. but the cost and unknown factors have always stopped me.

let me know if you need some testers :wink:

Looks good :slight_smile: The Epoxy/Clear Coat definitely makes a difference on the end product.

I haven’t been this excited since waiting for my first EVER batch of 20 motors mounts to arrive… just over 12 months ago!..

Two words: game changer

The Deck has now be coated & polished

This picture below is showing the nut inserts which are on both sides of the deck, it is designed for attaching a carry handle. but as it is 1/4-20 thread type, you can direct mount go pro to your deck using these common adapters This picture below is with a Fiber Glass Lid, Originally i went with fiber glass because it doesn’t interfere with the RF signal as CF can, but i don’t like the look of it, so now am remaking the lid with 100% CF. then you just have the antenna coming out the port below.

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Nice! Looks really good. Wonder if those handle mounts are the same thread as a gopro swivel mount?

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it is the international standard thread for tripods & cameras. so basically any camera mount will fit or can be adapted to fit with common accessories.

certainly looks nice. any on road testing yet? I wouldn’t worry about getting the lid made from carbon, like you said, harms the RF and will be covered by grip tape anyway.

No full skateboard test done yet, probably start that in about one week once i get final production sample.

load & stress testing done… its rated for 200kg.

Yeah I know it’s going to be covered with grip but i just want it all to look the same… I’m thinking of getting some grip tape laser cut so that it has cutout so you can see the CF.

I’d be willing to stress test a unit in the real world for a few weeks and send it back when I’m done. Believe me when I say I can beat the crap out of something and tell you what’s wrong with it. It would make a great article too. The fact that its rated to handle over 400 pounds is pretty serious.

Haha… Thanks for the offer!.. but I don’t run a library :wink: and what would I possibly do with a soiled deck after you’ve had your way with it … with blood and sweet and dirt all over it… uww

However you should know… I’m currently selling them at a tiny fraction above cost price… so bery good time to buy!.. also the AUD is low against the USD… you get like a 30% discount… Also Price will go up as soon as I get the production unit and complete my QC…

Yeah, count me in. I’ll need one just for the hell of it.

Never know when I’ll need one.


This is awesome! Do you think you would offer a drop-thru deck in the future? If you do I would most definitely buy.

Yeah I might make one eventually…but you need big wheel cut outs though to prevent wheel bite… most of us have large wheels… also it gives less room for motors under the deck… so you definitely need hub motors. Or rear mounted (out the back of the deck - not under it) motors.

But next up i will have a drop deck. Approx one inch drop… it will be primarily used for my all terrain wheels… which I am currently redeveloping.

But you know that’s good clean Florida dirt that would be all up under your shiny CF deck. And don’t forget the sunshine!

Just look how good and clean and wholesome that Florida dirt is!*

* this dirt came from a crime riddled region known as Pine Hills. This dirt is neither clean nor wholesome.

This is the final production sample. I will QC it and make a video within the next 7 days.

that’s a b-e-a-utiful piece. ITs definitely on my wish list for when i get out of this hole i’m in.

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