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Enertion Carbon Fiber Electric Skateboard | RAPTOR MONO

For anyone who doesn’t have hills to climb, this is a very good option.

It will use the NEW Enertion R-SPEC “BIGBOY” 63mm Diameter 72mm Long 190kv Motor + 12mm Wide Belts - It will haul arse!

With the NEW R-SPEC 6372 Combined with a 12mm Wide Belt (which offers 33% increase in torque transfer) a Mono Drive is now only a 17% reduction in Max Torque Transfer when compared to a Dual Drive.


Approx $1149 USD - Free World Wide Shipping


this is what the final product looks like


will these 12mm belts be sold alone as well? Are they something that will start coming with single drive kits (but not dual of course), or simply be an “upgrade” or add on item?

Eventually, I might sell them separately. But they are only useful for people who have 12mm wide pulleys though, so initially they will just come in my single motor mount kits.

All single motor mount kits will be 12mm wide belts now.

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Does this come with the same battery ?

Actually it comes with an Exclusive new version of the S.P.A.C.E. Cell - 10S3P with 50A Continuous Output BMS - 100A Peak.

All complete eboards from Enertion come with this NEW & EXCLUSIVE High-Performance S.P.A.C.E Cell.

pics :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

why is in $USD iwas goin to hand my credit card over till i went to the check out

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90% of my customer are not in Australia… So I found that advertising my prices in AUD was very confusing for most of my customers. Most People look at a price and automatically assume it is in the currency of the country they are from.

My website should detect your country based on IP and default to the correct currency.

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it was emailed to my email so thats forgiveable any word on the open sourse for the dual motor mount plans? still waiting on instructions on how to get them

the open source mount design is a $0 product that you buy from my website… Once you process the “purchase” you get an email with a link to download it.

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I have special names for all my other products, so from now these electric skateboards I make with this carbon fiber deck are now known as RAPTOR. This one is RAPTOR MONO because it has one motor, the dual drive is RAPTOR DUAL


Ok then. I just bought one of these bad boys. What should I expect for top speed, distance, and performance. Also is everything set up as far as programming .
Cait wait for my Christmas present. Thank you Santa !!! The

Looks excellent @onloop! we’d love to get more detail on the transmitter. Will it be available separately? Is this the new(ish) design from Vedder’s that replaces th nunchuck pcb?

Just got a email that gives all the specs. Sweet board

mind posting that here?

So this Rapter Mono cant go up hills? really? I assumed the bigger motor would compensate. Also, when i purchased the Rapter mono, the description read “enough torque to go up any hill”…hopefully it wasnt a typo :smile:

it can, just not as well as the dual motor raptor.

It’s single motor has a length of 72mm, while the dual motors each are 55mm in length. so 72 vs 110 in terms of overall motor length; and more length/diameter = more torque

With a 6374 motor on 10s you should get you up most hills, i run a 6374 on 6s and it performs surprisingly well.

thanks guys! i appreciate the quick response!

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