Enertion Components Enclosure - Wood & Carbon Deck

I’ve been thinking about designing a component enclosure for the S.P.A.C.E cell & VESC for sometime now. It’s the main reason I haven’t offered the electronics all together in one nice ready to go “power-kit” because without a case it’s just a bunch of parts which are already available to purchase separately anyway.

So after a long time thinking about it I came to the conclusion that the best & only solution I would be happy with is to simply make an entire deck with the components semi-integrated, with motor wires pre-laid.

Really there is nothing better than a deck that is custom made with all the parts housed neatly inside. (people who have the enertion carbon fiber deck will likely agree)

It should retail for about $200-$250USD

It is made with carbon fiber veneer top & bottom with timber core. The removable shell is carbon fiber.

The internal cavity is 28mm deep, 530mm long, 148mm wide.


wow, certainly look cool and futuristic.

I love the look of this. Good luck with bringing to market. Will probs buy one for one of my next builds.

Wow, this looks soo awesome!!, I really missed a ply board from Enertion, i don’t like the look of all carbon. but this looks amazing

Nice work, would definitely be a customer if you have a dual diagonal vervsion (with front connectors).

oooh that wont happen. @onloop is against dual diagonal :wink:

I don’t want to personally offend you, but I will never offer a diagonal version, i just don’t think diagonal is a good idea.

In saying that you could easily modify this so some wires comes out the front, just drill three little holes into the CF Shell.

One day ill make a video explaining/illustrating exactly why i don’t like it, Until then here is a discussion about it:

haha! you beat me to it! :sunglasses:

pretty freakin sweet!

just needs a small kicktail! :wink:

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Friggen beautiful!!!#

already got a deck with a kicktail! its just heaps more expensive!

actually I don’t think ill make this carbon & wood style with a kick tail…

suppose it depends how popular this method of enclosure becomes. i could easily have 5 or 10 different shapes made using this same concept.


haha I know, I’m just not all on board with the full carbon deck; it just doesn’t look like something I (personally) would want to ride. The reason is more about the shape, not necessarily that it is carbon fiber… plus the price is pretty high for my situation…

wood decks are more my cup of tea… heck, just look at my builds; I even prefer wood enclosures!

regardless of the kicktail though, this is a deck where I’d definitely become an early backer. I think the blend of carbon and wood is pretty much perfect: wood where a tradition deck matters, and carbon fiber where you want your enclosure to be thin and strong. Not to mention the money you save by not building an enclosure or wire/bullet connectors makes the overall price only about $50-60 more than a nice downhill deck built up with the same features.

Oh look at that… inlaid wiring from the box compartment to the wheels. That sure can be handy!

@yendi If you want a 7 ply deck with matching box and inlaid wiring for dual diagonal, wait about a month or two and I’ll sell you one. I’ll also have single and dual rear variants as well. Or if you have a deck already and would like to box and plug it, you can send me your deck and I’ll mod it for you.

I’m glad to see @onloop actually lay it down about dual-diag because i just preemptively removed all dual-diag options from the custom build surrounding his carbon fiber deck in the store i’m setting up, along with all wheel drive, which will be an option on decks with a long enough wheelbase. The current Enertion CF deck doesn’t really support dual diag anyway unless you drill more holes and use hub motors.

Wow, that thing is nice. The shape and style remind me of the JATI fu. Nice work!

beautiful board, I love the concept!

Yeah bro. I have to hand it to you. Your technique of laying the wires into the board was great inspiration for me. I’d never seen that done before.

Only issue with it that I have is if I need to run sensors wires. Which is only really necessary with hub motors. I don’t see non-sensor hub motors being good enough.

I suppose it (the CF shell) can easily have a hole drilled for extra wires.

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It’s probably as simple as shortening the sensor wires on the motor and swapping out the connector for a more robust one and beefing up the line with some heat shrink. Then sink the sensor connector into the board next to the bullets. Then you can run the extension line through the deck alongside the big three wires and provide another connector on that end.

The lead in the box wouldn’t need to be ruggedized, but the lead from the motor to the deck and the plug on the deck certainly would. Ideally a soft silicone sensor wire could substitute the typical wires used in order to achieve that easy springy manageability that only silicone wires give us.

e-go cruiser have a special connector for power & sensors, all in one plug. I think that would be the ultimate. then you have just one wire per motor.

Oh man, that board looks awsome! Think i’ll stop trolling around this forum and get into e-boards with that thing.

Love the through deck wire connectors, makes a nice finished look.

Good job

What is the ETA on this product?