Enertion Dual Raptor For Sale [SOLD]

Hello. I received my Raptor about 1 month ago. It’s been ridden less than 15 miles total, and I have configured the vesc so the start and stop are smooth. Ordered it months ago. Now I need cash for another project so I’ve decided to offer up this preowned Raptor… I paid over $1,200, USD… I’d hope to get something close to that… Make me an offer… I’m not sure how hard it is to ship these things… I’m in the U.S., Denver, Colorado… If you only have one board, wouldn’t it be nice to have a second for a friend to ride on?


Replied! 10/10

Thanks for your questions Armand! I’ve emailed Enertion to see what batch it is… I shipped in the last week of Sept, 2016… It works great! It had shipped with the wrong firmware version on the vesc, but I worked directly with Jason Potter (Onloop) to resolve that… I loaded the right version, and adjusted a fewsettings to make it a bit more rideable… You’d probably like it exactly how it is, but you could also change the settings any time with the BDLC tool tool… I’ll add a pic to my original post in a few min…

It came with the Winning remote… I haven’t had problems with it, but Enertion will send the new Nano X remote for free though to all the people who recieved Raptors this fall as soon as the remotes become available in their store…

It has the original vesc in it… I know they are about to release the vesc-x but again that’s only pre-order now…

It’s a totally sweet board… I wouldn’t be selling it if I really didn’t need the money for other things right now… In fact I 'd buy another Raptor in the future… The thing is a beast!

Man im interested. Whats your price?

Pm’d you. 10/10

How much are you looking to get for it? I’m interested.

I’m just curious to know how you got it new for $1200??

Yeah I was wondering that too? It’s like he bought it for just over $1200. Maybe you just wasn’t sure how much he really paid or something.

When I bought my raptor I was prepared to spend about $1,600, because on their website it says that all the prices are all listed in USD… But, when I checked out the price was adjusted to aprox $1200 USD, which makes sense because the US dollar was about 1.28 to the Aussie dollar… So the prices on enertion’s site are actually listed in AUD… I contacted Enertion right away to verify that there was no mistake because I didn’t want a deal because of some glitch on the website, and I respect Onloop, but they got back to me and told me that it was all correct…

I’m located in the US, but I had just spent an extended period in AU, so I dont know if that was effecting my browser or what… I still have their email from customer service saying I was indeed charged what I should have been.

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You lucked out big time! I paid over $1600 for mine with fast charger and everything in USD. I guess the australian currency must have been at a really low point.

You will have no problem selling this.

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I’ll buy the board from you at a reasonable price. I’m in st. paul,mn. PM me if you are serious.

I think this is fake. I’m not sure what the game is, but this isn’t like you selling the LHB to me. What he paid is suspicious off the bat and he has a website involving E boards which confuses me more.

It’s not fake Wall-greens… plus, me selling my raptor has nothing to do with my own company… don’t be confused… just go hate on some other thread…

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I am very interested in your board. Could you pm me? http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/enertion-dual-raptor-for-sale/12027/14

Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend. I’ll give you a grand for the board and I’ll cover shipping. email me if you want to sell it right away.
[email protected]

Not sure if it’s fake or not, can’t really say. All I know is I paid over $1600. I just went to enertion’s site, added the raptor and fast charger to my cart. USD $1,663.69 is the exact price I got today.

Whatever the case, if he has a working board he’s selling for less than $1200…that’s an awesome deal. I’d buy it.


That’s the conversion chart, you can get the date he bought it and see what it would convert out to be in USD.

Btw how’s the LHB doing? I talked to someone else who has one, he had some issues with the enclosure and it kept coming off.

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The LHB is doing great. I did have an issue with the box, but LHB fixed it very quickly. As of now the board works awesome, especially since LHB made the brakes less sensitive. I still don’t know how you made it to 38, once I hit 30 I have to slow down due to fear.


I am interested as well.

Is it still for sale?