Enertion: ESK8 OR DIE - HALLOWEEN SALE | Up to 40% Off

Hey Esk8 Builders!

We have a huge sale one right now!

:japanese_ogre: CLICK THE BANNER IMAGE TO SEE ALL THE DEALS :japanese_ogre:


Here are some of the horrifically affordable deals that might be useful in your next build:

Prices Below in USD - Click the image & you can change the currency on our website image

image It is a 10S4P Samsung 30Q pack

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What means due to ship 2019? 2019 is a long year :sweat_smile: what’s the expacted latest shipping date for the unity 2nd round?

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It really depends on sell through rates, it’s extremely costly to bring new product to market so normally the first few batches of any new product relies predominantly on multiple successful pre-sale campaigns.

If the sell through rate is similar to the first batch, which we believe it will be, the 2nd batch of Focbox unity might be available around middle of march 2019

If we a really on point the earliest would be late Jan 2019

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@onloop, Jason, the price on the website is AUD?

We are based in Australia & trade in AUD. However 90% of our customers are USA based. So we use USD in our advertising.

You can change the currency on the website to your preferred currency. image


Are the wheels on there part of the newer batch or still some of the unknowns with that last sale you guys had on them?

I heard there are rumors of a new remote you guys are designing and I am wondering when it might be available or if there is any info on it. Thanks.

Newer batch, the wheels are the best we have to offer currently.

They are still just rumors! More info to come on that in the future :slight_smile:

Im tempted to get the focbox but worried about the delivery time lol


I just talked with Mike and he told me the price for focbox and nano is 160AUD not USD Kinda confused

I know people who ordered wheels from the last sale in June and they still don’t have them.

June 2017 :joy:

No 2018 but still. Good luck on the wait for you who order now.

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If the price is in aud i woukd go for it 120eur for a focbox and a nano shipped to me Thats a great deal

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Just go on the website, change currency to Euro and get your price.

Nano-X & Focbox Bundle

was €235.34 now €143.31

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I get that but mike from the chat told me the focbox plus nano costs 168aud idk what to trust But i guess he was wrong

Is the battery pack flexible @onloop ?

No, but it is a very hot price.


The price is as listed, $168.9USD

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they are in stock, will ship in the next few days.

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