Enertion FAQ | Do I have to pay customs tax, duties?

Q: If I order Enertion parts sent from Australia to Country XYZ do I have to pay extra charges or fees? How much? Can you write a lower value invoice?

A: YES you will probably have to pay some tax!.. But every country is different, to calculate what you may have to pay please refer to the customs website in your country. Some countries have a tax free threshold or charge differently depending on the type of goods. No the goods cannot be marked lower on the invoice.

NOTE: Enertion is not liable for any tax and duties charged in the destination country. The recipient must pay this tax otherwise the products will get destroyed or returned to sender.

I live in the US, and I didn’t pay anything extra when I ordered the motor mount & wheels from you.


yeah! sometimes they go through customs without extra charges, i think that’s fairly common in US. Europe i don’t think its common. But i am not 100% sure as i don’t get that feedback

Hi ! I live in France and I just received my order yesterday (thanks very much by the way :smile:). I had to pay a quite big taxes (39%). That probably won’t prevent me from ordering from Enertion again as its realy great stuff, but still it strongly increases the overall price !

39% sux.

I am currently in talks with my shipping company to try to pre pay these taxes. Maybe it will be cheaper for my Europe customers.


wow holy guacamole. Yea I’ve never had to pay for customs for anything I’ve imported here in the US, although I guess according to this page: http://www.dutycalculator.com/country-guides/import-duty-taxes-when-importing-into-the-united-states/

they can charge up to 37.5%. I feel like it must be pretty rare though.

Same problem in Belgium. We pay 21% VAT plus import duties depending on the type of goods imported for anything we receive from outside the EU.

Choices in Europe are rather limited when it comes to this kind of parts, except for the Hobbyking European warehouse and Alien Power /Drive.

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This is why i plan to offer pre-paid discounted duty to all of Europe!.. negotiating the terms now,.

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I am in Canada but always ask my orders to be shipped to the US and pick up there. There are various reasons:. . Much cheaper shipping cost, many times shipping is free . Avoid " custom processing fee" charged by the shipping companues such as Fedex. One time my order was about $100 and Fedex charged me $50 of custom processing fee of $50 despite the order was US made and part of NAFTA. But if the shipment is sent through USPS and received by Canada Post, no “custom processing fee” is charged. . I’m picking up two shipments from Enertion next week in the US and will let you know if there is any duties. From replies mentioned by Americans in this forum, looks like there won’t be. Will update. @onloop @torqueboards @psychotiller if you ship to Canada, please use USPS or Aussie equivalent . That will save us $$$.

Good tip! I almost always use USPS

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Just picked up some shipments yesterday. No duties were paid for Enertion Space cell and Vesc using American address. When I crossed back to Canada, paid 12% of taxes (GST + PST) but no duties either. Same for CarVon motors.

Hi, as a potential customer in the UK, I was wondering if you had any luck with this.


it is a work in progress… it is difficult but it will happen.

There are two things that are normally charged by the customs for products that come from overseas: the VAT and the Import Duty (plus some flat processing fees).

The VAT is only supposed to be charged once: as an Australian company, if you sell something in Australia you have to charge it on top of the price, because you will need to pay it to the Australian Government (I assume, if it’s like how it is in most other countries). If you sell something to overseas customers however, the VAT will be paid in the country of the buyer, along with the import duty (and the seller shouldn’t have to pay it to the Australian government).

If that’s the case, international buyers should pay the price that Australian customers would, minus the Australian VAT rate, is that not correct?


Australian Customers have to pay an extra 10% on top of the price you see on my website www.enertionboards.com it gets added during checkout.

When an address is used that is not Australian there is no tax added, the end user will often get billed once the merchandise has reached the final destination.

My plan will likely be to get EU based customer to pay the VAT up front at my website, then i will send the goods with Duty & Tax prepaid so that the end user has no hassle in receiving the goods. they will just arrive at the door with nothing extra to pay.

oh, right, thanks for the clarification!

These taxes are real super mega massive pain in the ass. Just paid 54e for 2 pcs Enertion’s motor pulleys. And that doesn’t even include shipping which is 18 euros.

72 euros for 2 pulleys. With this price these pulleys should cook me huge sirloin steak and some nice desert.

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And that is enertions fault how exactly? Complain to your government - not on this forum.

Did I say it’s Enertion’s fault? This summs up how expensive it’s to be European e-skater due to lack of competitors in EU. Plus in my opinion DHL is the worst logistic company i know. Thumbs up for Ups and Fedex for flexibility.

good news is we are no longer using DHL… we are using UPS for all international shipment from Australia.

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