Enertion Hub Motor Varriants

Hi All,

I’m trying to get a Handle on the Versions of enertion Hub Motors.

Obviusly this is not the easist task as a consumer however hopefully with the help from other community members we should be able to make a List.

The Idea here is to have one place to collect information know about the varriaitions, to try and build some clarity around them, Photos models, Batch Numbers etc

Im aware of 5 Versions

Black Motors:

  1. 8mm Axle
  2. 10mm Axle

Silver Motors(all 15mm)

  1. V1 - With the Notch on the Axel

  2. V2 Axel on outside has no Notch, One has a different finish on the Inside Aluminum Cover

  3. V3 Axel on outside has no Notch

Lets see what we can find out!

Here are some additional images & information to help identify the different motor & truck versions.


Thanks Onloop for that contribution!

Question around the Silvers,

Ive got 2 sets ,myself and the only differance is the Finish on the Inside facing (towards hangar)

One is smooth, one is brittle, whats the differance there?

You can really see improvements with each version. It’s disappointing that there isn’t a v5

I got the raptor with 10 mm axle silverhubs, regardless of all the replaceable parts do you think the hub motors will last me 3 years ? i know the bms is prone

I still have a set of the first ever prototypes from 2016. They are working fine. They probably cpuld do with new bearings though.

Im after a variation to the Raptor 2.1 BMS or somewhere I can buy the BMS used in the Raptor 2.1 as mine has [email protected] itself. Any help would be much appreciated @onloop

this is all i can find doing web search

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or get somthing like this & retro fit.

Finding Bearings, for Each Motor Version would be great + the ideal Lube per Version - Got new motors with broken bearings V4. And another version of V4 motors (different alumunum finish(Smooth) on inside truck facing side)

and those bearings are a dream, the roll is increable

HI Onloop,

In Terms of Raptor Hub Sleeves,

are all sleves reverse Compatable? if not which match which, is there a way to tell?

In addtion - Where can we find the “stock” Lubricant used in each version of the Hubs - as using alternative Lubricants can offten change the sound of the hubs (normally increasing their noise level)

my raptor 2.05 keeps throtling and im not sure what to do somtimes im going 50kmh and others im going 10kmh

I had to reconfigure everything in vesv tool ( got the flipsky vx2)

many things can cause throttling - most of the times its a setting in VESC tool around motor Temps or fets