Enertion mono drive kit (trucks spray painted gold)

Used for about 50 miles my battery from @Alextech is toast I doubt I’ll get my money back and won’t be able to buy a new one for a while. My loss your win 2 9mm belts and 1 extra 12mm belt included. 6374 enertion motor haven’t found a hill I can’t climb on this motor

Would like 300 shipped but am willing to negotiate (will re paint the trucks and clean it up before I ship

are u in the us or eurozone

United States I can ship to Ireland but there may be a bit of an upcharge on shipping

Super interested! Please pm me

@willpark16 Is there a VESC/ESC and wich one?

Interested and maybe in your “gone” battery too, which version enertion mount?

Let me know how much and your paypal deets?

Regards Mike

Vesc x or foc box

Exertion motor mount if u want the battery I can make one at 10s4p lg hg2

If u want it with the battery I will need a few more days to spotweld it up before shipping

It’s fine without, especially if you’ve a spot welder to reclaim your cells from the pack :wink:


Great I’ll pm

Just to Clarify I am selling the drive train only for $250

It’s ready to go and comes with 3 extra belts no tampering required just nount to ur deck and go

Hey @willpark16 isn’t that the one I sold you?! already saying bye to it?

Switched drive trains and haven’t used it having it take up space isn’t helping me😂 It was honestly great but my area isn’t hilly and my single carvon has worked great so far so I sadly must say bye, funny thing is I flipped a coin to decide

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Ill buy it!

Oh good sir let me email u then!:joy:

Okay! $250 seems a bit high tbh. Would you consider $190? Just that i have a set budget, and you know, gotta conserve. You will be saving many lives if you lower it to $190 for me. Think of all the good you can do!

I save kids everyday by putting them into schools my friend I wish I could but I cannot


We all can agree on that!

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