Enertion R-SPEC DRIVE KIT | Official Announcement Thread

@onloop If you can guarantee the kit and unity will ship within a month from now I’m in.

A month is VERY optimistic

Maybe 6 months?

When can we buy these till

Actually, have 1000 of these motors, we will wait until end of month/sale to see how many kits are sold, then do the assembly for that amount specifically. Shipping will be in first week of December.

We also have allocation of 100 Focbox Unity specifically for these bundles.





We have 90, 97 and 100 wheels.

Huge order of 100 is due soon.

Yeah, thats the plan.

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Is the deal only with the unity or can the hub be purchased alone and will the unity slow things down if youv 10 times the amount motors to unitys

How is it assembled? How the locking of the part-shaft of the motor/wheel is held and secure on the trucks/hanger parts?

Check out the website

@barajabali can you come in here and hype up these motors?


@onloop, Ben Glenn on FB is building a quad drive R2 for the Barrett Junction Uphill race. Would be cool to see that guy get some Enertion Factory backing for the big race. He hauled ass at the Redmond race for P2 finish on a Raptor2. Wide open throttle for 4.6miles he said.


Tell him to reach out, at 50v with quad R-Spec hubs and twin unity it would be a beast…


I agree and will do.:checkered_flag::checkered_flag:

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Purchased! But just de ides I want a unity also, can I order separately and still pay 200? Thx Bryan L

The discount works only when purchasing together.

You need to cancel the order and try again. Please contact support via chat.

Slick vid water pipes huh, viva la revolution

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@onloop I am wondering how long you can offer these prices for, especially for someone who is not too worried about shipping times. (I have 4 months of winter left)

Just don’t dont want to make a decision till monday or so haha.

Price change on the 1st of December, you have some time!