Enertion what is happening there

100% epic failure they are . I keep getting the same automated bullshit saying there tech team are on there way . Lol what tech team ? They haven’t even got anyone in Australia ( allegedly an Aussie company)To work on the boards . They gave me a number for a guy whom basically said he hasn’t got any parts and basically told me fix it myself

Are people getting their unity from this last batch? I ordered mine on the 14th of July and I still don’t have a tracking number.


Unfortunately, I no longer have internal system access of it so I am not able to update you about what’s going on with Enertion.

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It actually mean that I am no longer able to update you guys

@CarlCollins Well sorry that I botherd you obviously some shit is going on at Enertion when you are not working there anymore. Can you at least give me a hint if that Company still exists? Is Jason still on it? is there any hope? You must know more than we do, and to be fair on us pls give us some hints and tips. Thx a lot in advance


Yes! They are still there, trying to survive in this crucial situation.

Yes! He is still on

It’s a tough one to answer but all I can say is they are trying.

You need to be more specific about this, let me know how I can be your help?

Thanx for your Answers so far. How ist it possible that they do so bad? Did they have a lot of faults and returns? Is there a way I could get any response from them?

My issue is that the R2.1 suddenly doesnt switch on anymore. The Charger turns first red then after a while green. The led on the FOC Box and the LED next to the switch flicker when spinning the wheels. So i have no idea wha it could be. Maybe is it the battery? @CarlCollins maybe you have some clue what it could be of some expieriences with those boards? If enertion doesnt react how could I analyse the error by my self? in case it is the battery is there a way to order one directly from the provider from China? And where? Sorry that i bombard you with so many questions but I need it to drive to my work every day and I cant afford to throw out 1500$ just like that.

Thx again for your help

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Actually, it’s been a lot going on internally which can’t be disclosed. All I can say is they are trying to restore first before improving.

That’s actually not true, they have some issues with the finance only, not with the product. Minor issues are something which no one is spared from.

I think you will get a response once they have a CS department back.

I think you have to show me a video of your internals so I might be able to help you diagnose it first. It’s possible that battery might have some faulty cells in it or maybe a charge port issue which is not supplying enough charge to the battery.


10 char








@CarlCollins Thanx a lot for that I got vid which I also sent to enertion. since I cant post links here pls put dropbox dot com in front of the following link


I could also make one with the case open. I will post it tomorrow. Do you live in Australia? Just to know for the time difference. I am in Switzerland.

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This is laughably inaccurate. Many serious problems with the Raptor 2.1, to the point where no one should buy one. SMH.


Actually, it’s never happening with everyone and as per my experience with the company. Majority of users are having some minor issues with the Raptor 2.1

It’s just my personal analysis.

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My timezone is PKT. I need a video with your board lid off.

I made one this afternoon: again at dropbox dot com


thx mate

I would watch and most likely tell you what’s up with it. Just post the link. :wink:

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saying they don’t have a ‘customer service department‘ is bullshit when you’re the only employee (Owner) now you are every department just like before when he began the business.

If you’re trying to recover a company, going completely ghost is not really a good way to keep afloat. But they know this’ user promise, over deliver and if you can’t- communicate’… oh the irony

Hi @CarlCollins & @SeanHacker made another one on Dropbox with the lid open


Thanx for your help

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You’ve not posted any links yet. Here’s what a dropbox link looks like dude.


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