Esk8 engineers (longest distance in 24hr world record attempt)

Hello, my buddy and I attempting are to beat the Guinness world record of longest distance traveled in a 24 hr period. We have created a youtube video detailing our trip and our electric skateboard build. Any thoughts or suggestions would be awesome The link for the video is following

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interesting idea, but with your specs, impossible. If I got you right, there won’t be any vehicle with power supply following you and charging spare batteries? anyway, even if there is one, 4A charger won’t be enough. with 3 batteries, I think that you will need at least 2x 6A chargers so there will be one battery always full and ready to swap.

what if your direct drives starts to overheat? what if you manage to break it?

I am interested in this because I want to do something similar myself - 200 miles ride in 24 hours. my plan is a little different: 13s, 69.6Ah battery on board and fast 17A charger so I could charge battery quickly when I stop to eat or drink something.


It actually seems plausible, a range of 329 miles at an estimated 17 Wh/mi for thane on TBDDs with a ton 12s4p batteries, they only need 11 batteries. It’s admittedly a fucking heavy 528 cell battery at a whopping 24 kg battery in cells alone, but with a battery in the board and a trailer hitched with another 10 external batteries they would pull it off

If you’re making a battery for that journey you should probably do a 12s28p 50E pack…I think that’s the best energy density you can reasonably get

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It definitively is possible, but not with only 3x 12s4p and 3x 4A chargers without following car/van to charge them

Well we mapped out our route with 75 mile charge points and we coordinated with each business. At an avg speed of 25 mph and 3 batteries with avg range of 25miles each it is theoretically possible to break at least the 300 mile point. Were using 3 4A chargers with a charge time of 3.5 hours and 1 hour charge at out last stop. I am concerned about the axels breaking due to over heating but going with direct drive over hubs increased cooling efficiency and not going with belt drive system eliminates the chances of belt breaks and motor mounts flexing. We’ve done about 100mi so far of riding to get prepared for the trip and have done a couple 2 mile speed tests. With the enertion raptor 2.0 I finished 2 miles in 4:44. We still have a lot to do all ideas are welcome but nothing is gunna stop us from attempting this record

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For sure it is good idea to do as many tests and preparation as possible. 3 hours of ride + 3.5 hours of charging for 75 miles - according to your calculations. Ok, you will start with full battery, thats true. Theoretically, you should be able to do it. But even one mistake, and you won’t. What if you won’t have average speed of 25 mph? What if your battery consumption will be much more due to hills or any other factor? So many thinga could go wrong

I would start with faster charger - you can save much time on charging, but still get enough time to eat or sleep a little bit.

I would go with belt/gear drive instead of direct.

What charger and battery/ quantity would you recommend for the trip? My buddy and I both weigh around 160lbs please keep in mind that for the trip all were bringing with us is a backpack. Could you link the 6A or higher fast chargers. Charge time is where were losing the most time

Battery - as big as possible. Chargers at least 6 amps - you can find them on aliexpress, or search bioboards, eskating eu and such EU stores.

You are going on your board and your friend on his board, but same setup?

Post your journey plans on esk8 news forum too - you will get many great, real advices from people with experience!

Ok I’ll look in to those sites thanks

Oh sorry, I don’t know why I gave you EU webshops when you are in USA :sweat_smile: Search: buildkitboards, for torqueboards you already know, M.Hboards, @thisguyhere (, hoyt, LHB, there are many esk8 shops in USA


Very awesome road trip. 529 kilometers in a day, that’s riding through my country, twice.


New update were now working with Hoyt Skate Electric Skateboards and are currently in the process of building 4 12S8P 50E battery packs (2 per rider) the cell type does drop the amperage to 78.4 and were waiting on feedback form Flipsky and Torqueboards to see if there products are compatible (Flipsky 6.6 duel mini and torqueboards direct drive 90kv motors) if anyone has any ideas please post and check out Hoyt St puck remotes and receivers, the most reliable connectivity on the market.


The 6.6 dual mini has some tiny ass caps…not the best for an eskate ESC. But yeah they will both work together still

What would you recommend for our ESC?

How much do you want to spend? Top of the line is a Trampa VESC 6, but the other FS 6.6 ESCs should hold up better

As long as you can keep the thing cool, 80A is the sweet spot through a FS 6.6 dual mini, IMO. You can probably get away w/ 60A battery, 80A motor since you only weigh 160 + gear. Then you’re under-stressing all of the components, which is smort.

Doesn’t really make sense to get a beefier ESC when you’re limited by the battery to 80A and range is your priority.

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Btw it is possible to parallel charge using multiple chargers to one battery, just do some research but it has worked for me

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Were looking for an 18 to 20A 42.3V charger to charge our 12S8P batteries. what charger would you recommend we would like the input cord to be a 2 prong us wall outlet connection and input to be an XT90 connection

12s charger should output 50.4v. That is charger you are looking for. I am personally using adjustable charger, gophert. It can charge up to 17A. Xt90 adapter you solder yourself

Lol please ignore my previous post about finding a 20A charger. I did more research in to charging and discharge rates and I realized that a 20A charger would way over stress my battery cells and destroy my pack. I’m looking into 5A chargers which seems to be the max for the Samsung 50E cells (5000 mAh capacity) I’m using (were planning on using this charger only for the record attempt) destroying an awesome board in the process is definitely not in the plan. If anyone could share links to recommended charger that would be awesome.