Esk8 that can go up hill and travel in plane

Yeah maybe. I had a lot of mixed feelings about this site because it promoted expensive kit components so much. With a little bit of Googling and a soldering iron, you can make some really cool stuff and save yourself a lot of money. But I digress, the people on this forum have been extremely friendly and nice, and I’m going to start posting a lot here :slight_smile: Also, I tried to build the VESC while it was in it’s beta stage. The components seemed so expensive; I have no idea how they got the price down so quickly.

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Good to know thanks. I’m planning on building my “travel” board soon. So, you check in your board, and you carry on your batteries, right?

99wh really isnt that much as many said above. Fortunately it seems that you can take larger batteries without too much of a problem. I looked it up and this article says that spare batteries can only be carry-on baggage. Here’s the link if u want to read up on it

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Yes, the batterys have to be in your handluggage. Tape the connectors to avoid shorts and use Lipo-Safebags and put the batterys out of the bags in the security check that the officials don´t have to do.

Don’t try to hide your batteries either. They will know :sweat_smile:

U can carry 3 batteries. One in the device up to 100wh and two others up to 160wh. Just break ur pack apart into three batteries.

According to what I just read from faa linked above

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You can take 3x 99wh batteries, they just need to be seperated.

it says up to 160wh

Keep in mind this is per person so should be a problem if you travel with someone.

You can carry your esk8 with you as a carry on?

I’ve heard of success with this, though some airlines (in the US at least) have clear restrictions on bringing boards as carry on. I imagine if you remove the trucks and stow them in your luggage/carryon you can convince them to let you bring a flat piece of wood onboard as it takes up virtually no extra space!

I have brought a normal skateboard on board as a carry-on before.


Can you tell, If my 6x / 12x <100Wh battarias what will look and are labeled professional, have voltage and temperature meters, safety caps on all contacts for transport, enclosed and sleek (think like larger laptop battery) with carried in enclosed aluminium ‘gun cases’ for the flight: could I get airport passes in beforehand? Through e-mail or with the aid of local airport ‘inspection’ results? Could they reject randomly tho having a green light before?