eSkate Lights thread

@onloop mentioned I should make a build thread for my headlights. To be honest they are so super easy and cheap that I dont really think they deserve a thread of their own, but how about you guys also post up some of your lighting ideas as well.

so here are my headlights:

they arent going to give you super night vision, but they do help a lot, and if nothing else, they get you seen by others at night. (the amount of times I have nearly slammed into cyclists because they have no lights at night…) so heres what I did: I bought 4 20mm “P” clips and 2 3W LED flashlights off ebay. total cost of $6 AUD

bolt them under your truck hardware and presto.

one bit of advice, maybe get higher quality LED flash lights than I did, as one of mine tends to flicker with the vibration from the board.

other than that… happy night riding!


it is really simply… it looks great though!

Sometimes simple is better. I think this is a perfect example…


Hi, after my second build. I’m thinking to make it easy for me to ride at night. Therefore, there are tons of products out in the market that I want to share here. It looks cool, though.

  1. This is from china

  2. Flux riser

  3. Longboard Cop from Green Bay if I’m not mistaken

  4. Maybe some illuminati concept right here. hahaha

  5. Third kind product

  6. Light Bhord product, the LEDs is embedded inside the board. Pretty cool huh

  7. Mine, I’m using gopro lights

Whats yours?

mine from china . since i dont know how to tap energy from space cell , i used a seperate 12v li~ion battery . also from china .


This guy here works great. There’s also a red one. You can mount it to your board on the front and/or zip tie. Could make a 3d printed mount which mounts to the truck.


100% co-sign on these lights. I ended up buying 2 sets of White and Red because of @torqueboards recommendation. These COB LED’s are way brighter than standard LED’s, 3 brightness settings, 3 flash settings, and the rechargeable USB battery is super robust. Really can’t beat the price as well. I used to mount them on my trucks but kind of got tired of having them collect dirt and grime. Now I mount them to my backpack for better vertical visibility and strap the White LED on the bottom of my @torqueboards mini remote which acts as a hella bright flashlight and a way to warn any approaching vehicles with the wave of my hand.


The light on your controller is a brilliant idea :slight_smile: didn’t think of that one. I should put some on my backpack too.

I have a torch helmet so that helps also.


Yeah that Torch helmet is great! Yup try the COB on the bottom of the remote it’s a perfect fit. You should add these lights to your store :smile:

i would be thrilled to death if everyone just stopped making lights for bikes and boards that flashed. There’s no reason to throw somebody into a seizure/migraine just so you can claim higher visibility when it in fact does not increase visibility, just irritation, and for some of us the flashing makes it take longer for our eyes to adjust back to the darkness. Not to mention bikes and eboards are not emergency vehicles. And how the hell can you possibly see as well when riding the vehicle if your headlights are strobing?


I just keep the lights on. I don’t flash them. I think strobe lights are better than putting these on a helmet.

I couldn’t even ride with it at night. I was blinding everyone in sight. lol too bright.

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I fully agree! Flashing lights are an annoyance


Yeah I’d never use the White COB setting on strobe and typically keep the Red on solid. But you never know, having a flashing option might prove useful in some kind of emergency. I don’t think I’ve encountered any obnoxious strobing from cyclists or skaters in my area. In fact, there’s such a lack of awareness with safety lights that the city issued free lights and reflective gear to the public. These bright COB lights probably saved my ass on a few occasions and it’s really up to the user to not be obnoxious with it.

flashing lights are good for walking cellphone zombies whom ignore surrounding til their head knocks on the wall or obstacle . with colourful flashing lights from underneath longboard their attention will be drawn and safety is assured .


I actually added this angel eyes LED lights by lezyne.

But I was also thinking of adding GPS that could cut the power to the board in case someone knock me off from my board to steal it :smiley:

Not quite sure if this part of accessories, but I consider them as an added feature.

My previous accessories / features that I used to love is the telemetry for rpm meter, temperature and battery meter live feed to the remote from the board.


I’m probably going to throw one of these on the front:

I don’t plan on being passed by anyone so I’ll be skipping a rear light :smile:


I use a bike light that’s wired to my 7.4 volt output on my main battery pack. It has a button for 3 settings of brightness.

Build isn’t done yet but when it is the light will fit into the enclosure and there will be a clear plastic over it to protect it


I love those gopro lights! just ordered 2!


Nicee. I like the waterproof features and it’s pretty darn bright for a human. You can also use it for your GoPro or any other action camera. Cheers.

my old 6S had head and tail light, slightly modified bike lights. $12 at wal-mart i think.

This is what I have on mine.

Just bought a roll of RGB LED strips, along with an LED controller and 12v 1A DC battery pack.

As of right now, it looks really cheap with this little box, as does the rest of my board.