- any progress?

Hey everyone,

I’m waiting on some parts from and I’ve not received them yet. No response from email etc. I know they had fire on 15th May but saw from their Instagram that they’re starting the ball rolling again.

Just want an ETA really of when my stuffs due to arrive. I ordered a motor, motor mount, wheel pulley and motor pulley. I think it’s the pulleys that’s causing the delay because I’d imagine they’ve got to be made?

Has anyone ordered anything recently and heard anything from them?

Cheers, Daniel

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He’s working hard to get everything shipped out as soon as possible, I guess your goods will be shipped soon :slight_smile:



My order shipped yesterday, the wait wasn’t long. Keep supporting the site!


@e.board_solutions it’s horrible what happened to them. Fingers crossed they’re starting to catch up!

@brenternet That’s good to know. When did you order your goods and did you get anything made? Just trying to judge when mine will arrive that’s all. I’ll continue to support them for sure! I’m buying in stages :slight_smile:


Nothing custom, which likely helped with speed, 5 days from order to shipping and arrives tomorrow in the UK.

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Before the fire I ordered some stuff and it took months and months and months to ship, then when it arrived, they were the wrong things. Just use a different vendor

On the other jump , I ordered a few stuff and received them surprisingly quick.

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I am trying to contact Alberto as well since 1 week and he is not answering WhatsApp messages

This is strange, they are not a “backorder company”. I received the stuff in 3 days, I am in the same country though.

My whole kit order from early April shipped today so I wouldn’t worry. He’s just super busy with loads of orders and the accident sure didn’t help. And making batteries, enclosures and pulleys especially takes time unfortunately.

The best way to keep track of what’s going on is to check out Alberto’s instagram stories.


@b264 if that’s the case then I won’t be ordering again, sadly.

I’m hoping it won’t be much longer. If it’s the pulleys that’s causing the delay I’d rather get a refund on those and buy them elsewhere. Also ordered a motor and motor mount.

I’ll watch Instagram etc but eventually if it takes too long I’ll have to ask for a refund :frowning:

What is the Instagram link for them?

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My experience with is that Alberto always hustles to get the orders ready asap.

Delivery has been speedy and on point every time, but pulleys might take a few days extra.

I know he’s been buried in work lately, but hopefully he’ll get back to you sooner than later. Contacting him directly through his site or via email might help.


@fottaz is the most helpful person I encountered in the industry! Even though I contact him in the middle of the night, he takes the time to respond! Even if something would be wrong, it’s possible to fix! I recommend that you contact him via instagram or whatsapp!

Wtf? Ever since he is on the market i heard good things about him and saw a lot of progress on his instagram and it’s just not fair for you to slam him like that. He is selling good stuff and is one of the better vendors in EU. And i say that even if i didn’t bought anything from him. He is expensive like everyone in EU but one mistake can be forgiven right?


Maybe so, but I got the wrong pulleys, many months too late, and extremely rude customer service. I just ended up remachining the pulleys myself because I didn’t want to talk to @fottaz any more to deal with a return or replacement. That’s just my experience. I was quiet about it, until someone asked if anyone else had similar experiences with them. I have.

I bought from Eskating several times, never any issues and shipping has always been quick. Eskating is a great vendor, don’t worry :slight_smile:


Great vendor, always been quick and quick to respond aswell.

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I can understand wrong pulleys but i’m always against bad customer service. That’s the only thing we can hope for in this market!

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