Hello everyone, has anyone used this battery?

I would really like to know some thoughts on it as I’m considering purchasing it :smile:

Customer service from that place is less than ideal in my experience. Long shipping delays, wrong parts shipped, then rude customer service.


Figures you be on this thread lol


Thanks for letting me know, I will keep this in mind

@fottaz Alberto is here, he owns the site.

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you still want to throw shit in a very hard way, thanks a lot. we have tons of good feedback, thanks for yours again.

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Hi, maybe some other owners will come here, i can just say we entirely build them in Italy with 30q and bestech bmss, as lots of users suggest here too. if you need more you can contact us via WhatsApp that’s the best way.

I don’t want to get into any beef, let’s just get that clear! :sweat_smile:


I’ve only ordered from them twice, first order was 2x Focboxes, second order a motor pulley. No issues so far (haven’t been able to test the pulley yet though). Shipping to Sweden was super fast with UPS drop off point. The Focboxes got sent the same day I ordered and arrived just above 24h after time of order. The pulleys took a day extra or so since they custom make them on order, but again, shipping was blazing fast.

But that’s just my experience so far, not having to deal with customer service at all. For a battery I guess the risk of having to contact customer service is a bit higher than for my two orders.


I had nothing but good experience here. All came in as expected and quality is sturdy.

Customer support is quick and solid. The webshop interface is pleasing and works flawlessly.

Shop is well sorted and for european builders one of the best imho.


I can recommend @fottaz and made several orders and it have never been a problem.

Ive used a 10s4p battery from him for over 1000km with no issues. Recently i orderd a new 10s4p with the besttech bms for my new build. Great custommer support imo


I order and make ordered much time from Alberto (VESCs, Motors, custom motor, and wheel pulleys, remote,…) and I can say it’s a really great service from my experiences. (I’m a lipo guy but if I have to used liion pack, I will seriouly concider to order it from him.) When he get delais on a parts he let me know or it’s noticed on the website. And the price are good :+1:

Plus, I really like the good work made on every Eskating Beasts !

Awesome job @fottaz I wish you best wishes and good continuation for 2019 :santa:


I ordered an enclosure from @fottaz and the experience overall was positive. Pretty fast shipping, I just wish it were cheaper to Australia

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I ordered a 10s3p enclosure from @fottaz it took about 1 month to get to Vancouver, BC, which is reasonable. No complaints from me.

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also great experience with! very fast shipping in EU and competitive prices! also shop accepts few cryptocurrencies, which is great!


Hi and thanks for your feedback! I love ups point too because is fast for you guys, and cheap at 11,99 eur is nothing in 24h, the fastest is possible if doesnt include batteries, drop off and batteries mean a day more or so…via road, not express

If you need any help you will try our support, let me know :wink:

Thanks man, glad you like the website!!

Broo thanks a lot ! you rock!! <3

You are always too kind and we know bro :wink:

I’ll check if I can find another cheaper option! I’d love to get other cheaper option to ship to you guys :santa: