[EU] ABEC11 90mm 75a Flywheels, Focbox, Enertion Remote

Hey guys,

Back on the forum to clean up some of the stuff I had lying around in the garage. Located in Germany. Haven’t dusted and cleaned the stuff so they look rough in the photos. Wheels haven’t seen more than 20km, so did the other stuff.

1x Focbox (Cover not included since I had to take it off for the build that time) - 85€ 1x Authentic ABEC11 90mm 75a Flywheels (Pulley can be included if you need it, had no time to take it off yet) 90€ 1x Enertion Nano X Remote 30€

Shipping in the EU is possible.

Actually everything in this build is for sale: Loaded ICARUS - 6374 190kV - FOCBOX - 10S4P 25R - 90MM75a ABEC11 FLYWHEELS - Custom Enclosures

I’m interested in buying a single VESC and the Remote!

And how much is the 10S4P pack and one 6374 190kv Motor?