[EU] Caliber Mounts Pré-order Round 2, All pre-orders shipped out :)

Hey guys

Requested by some guys and because the first batch is sold out I will do a second pré-order round on the caliber mounts.

Some small updates:

  • Clamp will be cnc milled instead of lasered for more accuracy
  • Setscrew will be at the oter side, so when you hit the side walk impact will not be on the screw head but on the full surface of the clamp. Tipped by: @ShawnyP

You can make the pre-order here

I will also make a version with idler pulleys. Using these: image

(not in pre-order, need to find some time to design them properly)

Some pics (sorry I don’t have really well made pictures :face_with_raised_eyebrow: ):

Updated clamp

With abec11 97mm wheels:



For the ones requesting aluminum pulleys, I’m working on it but the factory I contacted neede 2 months to make it :roll_eyes:

Greetz Frederic


Where do you get this idler pulley from?

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From a factory :sunglasses:


this is a good source for pulleys idlers and belts


I am tempting to buy one but I dont have a built to use it on haha sadlife

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Well I can definitly help you with that :wink:

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Haha that would be awesome! I also live in the netherlands :wink:

But sadly enough I don’t have the money for a new built because I would buy the motormount right away. But I am busy with my first build, have bought already stuff for my second built and my parents aren’t very happy about that hahaha

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Will you make another preorder for the version with the Idler or should i preorder now? Do you have some pictures for it already. And what Belt length is needed for the standard combination 15/36?

And what is the weight of the set?

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Yes if there is demand for a pre-order on the idler mounts I will :slight_smile:

No pictures yet but when it’s done it will 3d print it and make some pics :slight_smile:

The weight of the previous mount was 300gram, V2 will be a bit ligheter because the clamp will be aluminum


I could do a google reverse image search or u just tell me :grin:

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@Bor.inc was right :wink:


Mount looks sweet! My only concern is that there is only 1 set screw as i mentioned on instagram. Could you perhaps add another one just to be safe? :wink:

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The width is a tigth fit, and the setscrew is m8 it’s pretty strong :wink:

Didn’t have problems with it :slight_smile:

What do you mean that the width is a tight fit? One more hole for a setscrew shouldn’t affect the mounts width?

I had issues with torque mounts that use 4 set screws, thats why im worried. (loosens over time) One set screw on the bottom flat part and rear side flat part would be perfect IMO, then it will push the mount towards the truck from two directions instead of one.

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The hanger is 18mm wide and the clamp is 18.1mm wide so I think there is not much need to put a setscrew there :slight_smile: But I dan make an extra hole if you prefer :slight_smile:

Did you use thread locker on the setscrews of your motor mount?


Just trying to help out so it works well, im glad we finally have a company in EU that provides motormounts :slight_smile: I do use thread locker and i had to tighten the set screws with a big ratchet to make it stay in place.

I guess your clamp is different than torqueboards, the torqueboard clamp is not a snug fit on the truck, it needs the setscrews to make it solid. I guess if the clamp is a tight fit without tightening the screw it could be fine with one set screw :slight_smile:

Friend of mine pre-orderd 2 this morning when i told him they could be reversed mounted :slight_smile:

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thx :slight_smile:

Any news about the mounts. New pictures or about the version with tensioners.

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Hey yes the clamps are already done :slight_smile:

Looks good right? :slight_smile: grtz

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For the ones that want to do a good deal:

Last day for the caliber mount preorder: https://electricboardsolutions.com/collections/pulleys-belts-mounts/products/caliber-mount-v2-pre-order

Also I’m selling these new Black Caliber trucks, if you buy a pair you get a free mount with it! https://electricboardsolutions.com/collections/pulleys-belts-mounts/products/2-black-smoke-midnight-caliber-trucks-1-free-mount-pre-order

Greetz Frederic

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