(EU) Complete Mountain Board & Battery Backpack Build

Since i just lost my job (Thanks COVID) i now have plenty of time that needs filling. A project like this should be exactly what i need. Im an experienced snowboarder and a mechanically competent dude, and this is something im just dying to jump right into.

I urgently need a board as a car isnt an option for me, so the plan is to buy functioning used board i can use for everyday comuting, as a solid base for this project. Please message me if you have one for sale (€650ish) or have high end parts youd like to donate to this upcoming project. (i have a pretty sick racing simulator if you consider trading)

This listing is exactly the thing im after, yet just out of my current price range:

[EU] SALE Dual-Motor 12s MTB

Anyway here are some key bulletpoints on what i imagine the final build could look like:

oh if you could see the design im visualizing!

  • Top Speed no less than 50 kph
  • High torque chain/belt motors for smooth, sustained uphill
  • Switchable longrange/ultimate performance Battery-Backpack with quick-connect to board
  • Custom Wheels
  • Custom PaintJob
  • Custom Lighting w/app control (el wire/pad)
  • Custom Bindings

Im looking forward to getting started with this hobby and to get to know the community!

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Welcome to the ESK8 forum @Ragebunny. Good luck with your search.

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

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You should decide whether you want a hotrod, or transpo. It will be a lot more reliable, if it only goes 25 or so. And 25 is fast. Dont anyone tell you otherwise.

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Have you thought about contacting dominik1220?

He wants to sell his deck for 850 Euros… You have 650, and want a Deck… This could work out perfectly

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Yes i have! No reply as of yet…

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I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. If he bought it 400km and 3 years ago for 1000, that doesn’t seem unreasonable to go a bit lower.

It’s a demanding build price for an esk8 build from new parts, so I’m hoping you find a complete you can call your own.

Keep an eye out here too: https://forum.esk8.news/c/esk8-parts-market/completes-for-sale/17

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Bought Dominiks Board. Cant wait for it to arrive! :slight_smile:

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