(EU) Enclosures Boosted style wanted

Hi guys,

I’m building my first esk8. Logically I need enclosures for my build.

Since the board is rather flexy I’m looking for a Boosted style enclosure set. Batteries in front. Wiring over the board, under the griptape. VESC and radioreceiver in the back. Something like this would be awesome: http://esk8content.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/uploads/db2454/optimized/2X/0/09cdd2d74f3243dd9168c15a92a7e2545168d905_1_375x500.jpeg

Can someone help me build these enclosures in Europe please?

Here is a picture of my deck may this be of good use to anyone…

Thanks in advance

Greetings from the Netherlands

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I know @Dunkirk used to make them but I’m not sure if he is still around. You could also 3d print the enclosures

I bought a set from @Eboosted like a week ago! Haven’t recieved it yet so I can’t comment on it, but other people seem to be very pleased with it!

I live in Sweden and the shipping cost wasn’t that bad.

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@Eboosted 's vanguard/boosted style enclosures are the bomb!


NI’ve made a few moulds for stiff decks. (I’m UK based) If you give me a design I’ll see what I can do. There seems to be a bit of interest in this kind of enclosure.


How much for the enclosure pictured in the photo?

A blank one would be £40 or pre drilled with mounting hardware and a gasket would be £50. I’ve made another similar mould for a deck with a different contour that may suit better depending on your deck. I’m in the process of finishing it up but here they are side by side.

It’s made to the shape of the landyachtz 9 two 5, (this one) https://www.skatedeluxe.com/en/landyachtz-9-two-5-40-2-102-1cm-longboard-deck-2015_p84290?cic=GB&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=uk&gclid=CjwKCAjw2ZXMBRB2EiwA2HVD-EV9wOgGXZy2L4teCSETnNdyMgPIO5LOxdgPYGDS-59XBHYMkRA5CBoCkmgQAvD_BwE

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Well, I am esk8 factory in China. May not be so welcome here. yet, I can ship to you cases that I currently have. https://kieraneboard.myshopify.com/products/meepo-board-electric-skateboard [email protected]

Hi I contacted @Dunkirk but he doesn’t seem to be around anymore. Such a pity… ):

Hi @bigben are you able to make them less rectangular? I don’t think it will look nice when having 2 black little boxes underneath the board Also what would that cost? Including shipping to NL

What did you pay for it if I may ask? Definitely let me know when you get them!

I asked Eboosted for an estimate and what the measurements are for the battery enclosure. It looks quite big imo, keeping the flex of the board in mind

I found this on a day: http://www.ebay.com/itm/322558217260

141USD with shipping included. Judging from the other comments I think it’s well worth it, but we’ll see.

You can find the measurements in this thread.

I could make any shape. The shape I made for my board was purely functional so everything fitted in. Are you in a rush? I have a mould that I didn’t finish that may be interesting for vescs and recievers?

What I need to to is get a bit more time on my hands. Then plot out the space needed for a couple of focboxes and a reciever and make something a little more aerodynamic. Same for the battery pack.

Hmm 120 euro is quite steep imo. Will you also have to pay custom fees or did you sort that out with eboosted? marking it as a gift or something

Not really in a rush but it would be great if I could ride my board before the end of this month, my holiday. Maybe I should face the facts and accept that that won’t happen…

How much time do you think you need to make an ‘aerodynamic’ focbox and batterypack? What would the cost be?

I don’t think you have to worry that much. As long as you don’t use this platform for marketing. Helping someone out is always appreciated

Do you also have blank enclosures, meaning no holes are drilled? Even for the ESC ventilation?

that I dont have. But, I would say, holes are easy to sealed with a plastic rod melt gun. I seal holes this way. Supper cheap.

Yeah that would be a good solution. What are the measurements for the batterycase?

I’ll see what I can accomplish this week. PM me over some sizes I should work from and some idea of the camber in the deck. Let’s see how it turns out to see if it’s worth something!

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