EU (EUROPE) - FOCBOX - Group Buy - 0 / 25 available - CLOSED - Please confirm your addresses


There are 25 slots available for shiney new FOCBOXES.

Price: £98.45 + VAT + delivery.

There is a chance to save on the VAT if you purchase through an EU VAT registered company. If you can provide a valid VAT I will not need to charge VAT, or you can always claim the VAT amount back in the normal way.

Example of all in costs for a single FOCBOX order:

1 x FOCBOX £98.45 VAT (20%) £19.69

SUB TOTAL £118.14

PayPal Fee (3.4% + £0.20) £4.22

TOTAL £122.36

Delivery £7 (approximate delivery cost, will vary slightly between countries)

I am based in the UK, so I will be sending out the packages from here once they land which should mean nice and quick delivery times for everyone.

  • PayPal to be used for payment, please DO NOT use friends and family payments, it makes more sense to pay the extra 3.4% + £0.20 PayPal fee for your own protection
  • Items will be send via the UK Royal Mail, signed for service
  • All GB members must have paid for their items before the Group Buy order of FOCBOXes will be placed.


@notger - 2 x FOCBOX - ** DISPATCHED ** @composites_r_awesome - 2 x FOCBOX - ** DISPATCHED ** @leonsc - 2 x FOCBOX - ** DISPATCHED ** @DK-Odense - 4 x FOCBOX - ** DISPATCHED ** @MontPierre - 1 x FOCBOX - ** DISPATCHED ** @BENSKYWALKER - 2 x FOCBOX - ** DISPATCHED ** @Jakeii - 1 x FOCBOX - ** DISPATCHED ** @Micha89 - 1 x FOCBOX - ** DISPATCHED ** ACIN - 2 x FOCBOX - ** DISPATCHED ** Nexo - 2 x FOCBOX - ** DISPATCHED ** jarzombeg - 3 X FOCBOX - ** PAID ** - PICK UP IN PERSON @bazingazunga - 1 x FOCBOX - ** PAID ** - ADDRESS CONFIRMED ShawnyP - 1 x FOCBOX + nano remote - ** DISPATCHED ** jumpman - 1 x FOCBOX - ** DISPATCHED **


I’m in with two FOC’s

and i guess you order from Enertion directly, so would it be possible to add a Nano remote to the order ?

Or mybe even a Focbox/Nano-remote Groupbuy combined ?



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@notger - yes ordering direct from Enertion.

I will add a nano remote in there for you.

how will enertion handle it with warranty in group buys ? cause we will not all have individual invoices ?

Please, save 2 for me:)

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AFAIK the warranty is 60 days from time of purchase. If a unit dies in that time I guess you could send it to me and I will send it to Enertion for replacement.

@onloop - is that something Enertion would be happy with?

@composites_r_awesome - will do!

You are on the list :slight_smile:

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What about premium warranty? Covers user inflicted damage also - 1 year and I think you had 50% off when buying Focbox at the same time… would you look into this also ? As an option- would be cool to have one.

@MontPierre sure thing, I will let you know…

@MontPierre Great question, thanks for asking.

Good news! The Enertion extended warranty is available (to purchase) for members of the this Group Buy.

  • People who wish to purchase extended warranty will be able to do so by purchasing the 1yr FOCBOX Replacement warranty as a separate product using their own account.
  • If they buy these before your products have been shipped, they will be eligible for the 50% discount off the price of the Replacement warranty.
  • If they choose to buy it later, it would be at the full price.
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Great news! Thank you for checking !

I understand that buyer covers shipping cost to Enertion in case of warranty claim - what about shipping back to buyer after FocBox was fixed? Is it his cost as well or Enertion?

@MontPierre here is the answer straight from the horses’ mouth (or the Enertion website in this case):

“Shipping costs are not covered under the warranty all shipping costs are the responsibility of the claimant.” <- this is the standard T&C for warranty repairs.

“does not cover shipping charges of replacement” <- from the Extended Warranty page

Cool. Now I’ll calculate shipping to Australia - both ways and see if its not close to price of FocBox including extended warranty :slight_smile: i have a feeling it will be very close. I wonder if there would be VAT added to FocBox on the way back for Entertion - most probably yes :confused:

Shouldn’t be any VAT issues, but that would be something you need to confirm for sure.

I know commercial samples, stuff for review is exempt, I’ve had some seriously expensive bits of audio equipment coming in and out of the country for reviews without getting hit with duty and VAT.

I hope :crossed_fingers:t2: Hopefully we will get 25 ordered units quickly

indeed! this GB seems to be a lot slower than the last couple

I guess market for esk8 is much smaller in UK. Shame. Well I’ll monitor the progress and jump in with the payment before we reach 25 - just short on cash atm :confused: as I just bought FocBox - my Maytech Vesc got fried on 2nd day of my board running.

Second one will be for my dual mountain wheeled longboard. Also waiting for @trampa to get their new long trucks in stock and new 7 inch tyres :smiley:

ouch on the maytech vesc :frowning:

I think my next build is going to be a street/mtb hybrid, street style deck with pneumatics

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Well mine too. Share some pics when you can :slight_smile:

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guess market for esk8 is much smaller in UK

maybe, but this is a EU groupbuy