[EU - FR] Torqueboard parts for sale (4 miles ridden)


I am selling half price my torqueboard electric skateboard parts. I am selling the full part list for a dual setup (see below). The reasons why I sell :

  • I fried the two vescs after riding less than 4 miles (due to both the lack of torqueboard support, and my lack of experience).
  • My first goal was more to ride a quiet fast e-board than building it, and I’m sure only experts can build such an e-boards, not me…

So here is the parts list that I sell half price, except for the two vescs that I donate with the rest of the parts, as they need to be repaired :

  • products/torque-esc-vesc-bldc-electronic-speed-controller x2
  • products/electric-skateboard-motor-6355-190kv x2
  • products/electric-skateboard-battery-epower-pack-12s2p x1
  • products/dual-vesc-xt90-parallel-connector x1
  • products/torqueboards-2-4ghz-mini-remote-controller x1
  • products/male-to-male-servo-connector x1
  • collections/dual-motor-mechanical-kit/products/dual-motor-mechanical-kit x1, with: ** 90mm black wheels (x4), ** 320mm HTD5 12mm Belt (outward mount) (x2), ** 16T Motor Pulley and 36T wheel pulleys (x2), ** 50 Degree TorqueBoards v2 Trucks (Black) (x2)

All should be there, yet if you see missing parts for a dual setup, tell me and I will check.



Wait some time, prepare everything that needs to be done and get a focbox, then just plug and play at least for one motor until you get the $$ for another one


No, I don’t give up, I resell as this setup won’t be fast enough for my weight, and I will purchase one that will be. And yeah, I’d prefer a better support too. But yes if I buy focboxes and tight correctly the connectors , it’s quiet sur this setup will work…yet no fast enough for me (I’m a downhill rider, I need more than 30 mph).


“and I’m sure only experts can build such an e-boards, not me…”

This is why i tought why you were giving up, whats weak with dual 190kv board?

The only weak side i see is the battery and the TB vescs


Sorry I updated my previous reply. The battery is sold for 12 miles, I didn’t want a too heavy battery.

Sorry I don’t understand what you mean maybe I’m too french sometimes :wink:

What makes TB Vescs so weak compared to @chaka

Obviously inferior components but which ones.

chakas upgraded almost all of the major components on the board. tb doesn’t

That setup brings you to 30mph…


PM sent


Sorry, I cannot help you there, as I said I’m not an expert at all. But her is the diagnostics I have made :

  • What has been confirmed by torqueboards is that the “max current ramp step” bldc parameter value was provided 100 time higher than what it should have been : 4 instead of 0.04.
  • Maybe this has contributed to the problem maybe not.
  • There is also an issue discussed on this forum about early 2.18 releases of the firmware that multiplied by 10 this parameter each time you write it to the vesc, yet no clear evidence that this bug was effective in the provided firmware release…yet I have upgraded the firmware to release 3.34 using the new vesc tool provided by the vesc project but it did’nt resurrect these vescs :frowning:
  • An electronic engineer who’s business is to repair brushless motor controllers detected black areas in the connectors due according to him, to electrical sparks, particularly when the current became high (and yes both drv died just after I reached a top speed around 43 kph, but no evidence too here)
  • He measured both connectors diameters (motor / vesc wire phases) and detected a 0.2 mm difference, leading to a loose connection, and for sure for him, such a loose connection could not work for a long time if the current is too high (so 4 miles for me).

May be what I say here can help others, and so all this can work accoring to this guy if connections are well tight and insulated. So nothing seems impossible, yet for experienced people I think.

@frameto I am interested in some items you are selling.

Will you be selling or not?

Yes don’t worry I will answer your pm but I have only two hands sorry :wink:

Intrested in the wheels, the pulleys, daul vesc paralel connector and the belts.

LEt me know if its still for grabs.

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I’m interested in the VESC and battery. Are both VESC still dead?

As it has been asked a lot for pics, here is a google doc I made for issue diagnostic support, with a “panoramic” view of the setup with the main parts listed above. Just the mini-remote is not there but one see the receiver.

I will post other pics soon.

…the deck is not for sale.

There is people on it already, yet nothing conclued and I have to see for shipping cost vs country… I’ll let you know, but I will be snow riding next week in a remote place where there is only natural snow, good alpin food and drinks to survive, but no internet, so expect one week delay sorry. I didn’t expect so much people interested sorry…

For me they are dead : have a look at this post where I explain the things:

But if me and this brushless motor engineer are wrong and you are a vesc wizard, maybe you can resurrect them…

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Thanks for clarifying their condition


I’ll take the motors and vescs please