EU NEW Maytech sensored HUB MOTORs 90x55mm + front wheels + front and rear dedicated trucks

Hey there! I’ve got for sale the newest version of Maytech’s sensored HUB MOTOR 90x55mm + Maytech’s front wheels + Maytech’s trucks: front and dedicated rear. The entire set. All works fine, the Hall effect sensors too.

Shipping from Poland and so the EU import customs tax has already been paid by me so no additional taxes inside of the EU will be paid by the buyer.

Here’s where I’ve bought it at Aliexpress:

They are 270EUR (was 280EUR, was 300EUR) shipped inside of EU.

Thanks and greetings from Poland! Paulus

edit: I know that this custom is not quite popular outside of eastern Europe but, you know, if you don’t really feel like paying me those 300EUR write me with an offer you find more appropriate and we can haggle our asses off until we settle on a price that we’re both more comfortable with, like

Full resolution pics:


Pricedrop: 280EUR :slight_smile:

Pricedrop: 270EUR, c’mon guys! :stuck_out_tongue:

Please post pictures of them, not just the site pictures you bought from.

The link to the pictures is right there in the post, even with 84 ppl actually having visited it - all of those taken by my, and clearly stated so there.

edit: on a second thought tho I guess I’ll post those pics anyway to make it easier for ppl to see. Thx for the suggestion.

Ah sorry. Thought that that link was to the product page. Definitely a good idea to post them here as well.

No worries, I will do that :slight_smile:

Why are you selling these ? Not happy with performance ?

You could say so - not happy with expected performance - and that’s because I had no actual board to test them with, only VESC-Xes and a battery - I’ve bought them a couple of moths ago on the spur of the moment, not knowing much about diy esk8 building, and started educating myself only after that, and as it turned out just to figure that I’ll be much better off with the modularity of a belt-drivetrain.

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What speeds were you able to reach with them? I was thinking about buying them but only 60kv? Not really tempting.

As I was saying in one of the previous posts, I didn’t ride them. If I did, I wouldn’t be naming the thread with a word “new”, would I now? :stuck_out_tongue: And if you think that 60kv in a hub motor is the same as 60kv in a brushless outrunner in a belt/chain drive, please do your homework before posting. I recommend starting with @laurnts review here:

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I’m pretty sure I’ve read in @laurnts thread that he was going up to 40km/h with these, and no wonder really, since the new Enertion Raptor apparently is 80kv. Pls correct me if I’m wrong here.

How much would it cost to ship to the US?

That’d be around 50USD, so we could agreen on precisely those 50, Bro.

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Bump! 10char

I think it´s still their price point… Last month someone from spain sold them for 180 if i remember correctly.

I just realised I’ve never sold those and that I’d still like to… any idea how much should I ask for at this point in time? It’s been quite a while…

Sent you a message :slight_smile: