[EU] Selling 4 orange 90mm Flywheel Clones and used Carvon V2.5's, 2 Maytech VESC's

Hello people,
since spring has truly arrived in Germany and I’m looking to quickly and feasibly bring my board up to speed, I am selling some parts that I’m no longer using or have never used.

Here’s what’s in store:

  • 4x Maytech 90mm*52mm Wheels, orange, 78A, boxed as new and unused
    Price: 11€/pc

  • 1x Carvon dual V2.5’s, including Caliber II front axle and wheels, used (50km), fully functional, wired with 4mm bullet males
    to be auctioned on eBay next week

  • 2x Maytech VESC’s V4.12, used, rewrapped
    to be auctioned on eBay next week

  • [SOLD] 1x SUNKO 737G Spotwelder, 80-800A, lightly used
    Price: 65€

  • Bonus: HM-10 Bluetooth module, if multiple items different items or both VESC’s are purchased.

Prices exclude shipping from central Germany, negotiable especially if multiple items are purchased. PayPal preferred. Pictures are coming.

Open for PM’s and general questions within the topic.


EDIT: Corrected VESCs aren’t soldered with connectors.
EDIT2: VESCs will be heatshrinked clear by shipping.
EDIT3: Yes, shipping internationally.
EDIT4: Carvon/VESC auction update
EDIT5: Spotwelder likely [SOLD] waiting for confirmation

I take both vesc’s

Also very interested in the carvon set. Do you have pictures?

Nice to hear. Will post pics here within the next 20 minutes.


Awesome! You have a pm




I think these are carvon v2’s. 2.5 were on a duel diagonal setup, so only 1 motor per truck.

They must have been a rough 50km :thinking:

Whoever gets these is a lucky dog


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The V2.5’s I bought in early 2017 and used over the summer until late Fall, although with many weeks pause in between because of holidays, part changes and busy times during dysfunction. They haven’t been used since as I have acquired V4 SD R’s in Spring last year. Kept them because I thought I would sell them with the VESCs to an indecisive friend.

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I sent you a PM for the Drive and Vesc if no one is taking it :grin:

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Ok sold! :slight_smile:


I thought the V2.5 existed in dual and single motor versions? It says V2.5 in the Order mail.


Mostly city traffic. Yes, fairly dynamic riding :wink: Scratches and marks are mostly superficial, even the deeper ones on the edge don’t affect the actual motor cylinder it surround as seen in the picture.

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Weren’t you selling vescs yourself literally a few days ago? :thinking:

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Haha yeah. I was selling a TB vesc and maytech vesc. I have bought a broken boosted v1 and go fit 2 same vesc’s in it.

you probably know the problem too. many parts, many boards… many possibilities

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@Linny Carvon for you. Dual though :wink:

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How wide are the trucks on the carvons from axle to axle? What wheels are those? Superflys?