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When i started getting into electric skateboards it was quite difficult to find good and cheap resources in Europe (I’m located in Belgium). Now i have found a good supplier i might be able to set something up to get cheap drivetrain parts to other people in europe. I can get HTD belts and steel pulleys in almost every size. Would there be enough interest from you people in Europe to get this going? Most of the pulleys would be around 9-15 euros and the belts around 8-12 euros. Shipping up to 100gram (2-3 parts) is about 4 euros and up to 350 grams 7 euros. For Belgium shipping would be a lot cheaper.

Let me know!


Hey There! I’m also from Europe, althrough Eastern Europe unfortunately. It’s great you have found such a great supplier. Anyways - I am still in the process on building mine, so I have not gotten that far yet (with choosing pulleys and belt), Can you perhaps recommend any good places to order the motors and batteries from? I tried looking through hobbyking… but their shipping option for batteries is quite expensive - about 17 eur extra for shipping to my country. Plus, the motors are basically out of stock alll the time.

So yea, if you also know a place where to get batteries and motors affordably, that would be great!


what is up euro peeps. i am an american who now resides in España. if you alls want some stateside goods i would be happy to oblige you. i would need money and orders placed with me by begining of august (no batteries - they are cheaper here anyway, money for item and europe shipping and 10€/75€ of merch - I packed your crap on my plane ride surcharge) - if anys of you are interested in Carvons/ Hummies/ DIY/ Ollinboard ect…stuff with a - 30€ or more discount due to lack of trans- atlantic travel hit me up

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Hey there! I’m from spain and i’m about to build my first e-board during summer so it might be a good idea to start settin up things. @Mathieu you only have acces to the drive train or more stuff like motors?

I got mine from hobby king…

For now it is only the drivetrain. Batteries/motor i got from hobbyking…

Is there a site where you find this supplier?

It is not an online store, it’s an industrial parts shop in my city

Im interested.

hi @Mathieu i would be interested in some pullys if you could set this up

Also interested

What sizes and number of teeth? Or belts?

@Mathieu i would like to get Pullys for 8mm shaft with keyways. 2 pulleys with 18 teeth and 2 pulleys with 20 teeth

Do you think they are going to have something like this too ?

also need to clean my closet and make some $ for the AC unit I’m putting in…

I have for sale ( add shipping cost from Spain)

36 tooth, 9 mm htd m5 wheel pullys- 20euro

12 tooth, 9mm, 8 mm bore- 15 euro 14tooth, 9mm, 8 mm bore htd5- 20euro 12 tooth, 18mm, 8mm bore htd5 - 20 euro

Bolt kit per wheel - 5 euro

HTD 265 -5m tooth 9mm belt - 10 each HTD 280- 5m tooth 9mm belt - 10 each

Paris 195 truck with welded motor mount, 50 mm 265Kv motor, 3d printed guard, belt, pulleys and wheels: basically an entire drive system

150 euro or double up for 250 euro

Motors- Emax BL5345

These are 6374 measured 195 Kv beasts clean up the wires and drill a set screw in the axel and you will fly with these puppies. For perspective next to an enertion 6355 190 kv. half off enertion priceline and new!!I have 2. great for single drive. 75 each.

Li-ion battery 7s2p- 9000 Ah, 25.9 V w/ BMS, battery charge monitor, and switch laptop wall plug charger I am 95 kg and run a 6355 enertion motor with a 15 mm belt on 90 ABEC clones and 14-36 gearing…I get around 10 km and have hit max speeds of 38 km/hhr 100 euro each

Enertion 83 wheels used 10km with bearings/ spacers - 30 euro

New White ABEC clones 83 bearings/ spacers - 30 euros

x-caliber truck set - 40

Luxe truck spacers sets of 2 - 12mm 1/2 inch 10euros


just did send you a pm, would take the motor mount.

Hi, i’m from Germany, i successfully build my first E-Longboard and i think i will need some spare parts for the future. I would take

If possible, black aluminium would be nice. Whats the shipping to Germany? I think i can’t pm you because i’m new to the board. Maybe you could pm me your payment details?

Hey, Welcome to the forum. I will check the shipping cost tomarrow. The payment will be through paypal. I will send you the email to pay with the total when i find shipping.

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sounds great! Thank you very much! To make sure we talk about the same 36 tooth pully, i have ABEC Clones in 83mm, i hope you have a black one for this kind of wheel left :slight_smile:

Yes, these will fit 83 ABEC clones and I have black

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