EV4 Boardzilla Electric Mountain Board

Hi guys, Im new here so first thing I wanted to say hello to you all. A little about me (that is important here XD). I love skateboarding, bicycle trial and basicly new interesting technologies. When I have heard about e skateboarding I was fascinated in what can people create. But before I started trying to make something myself I was riding cheap chinese boards like Koowheel or onan x2. But quickly I understood that those are just toys. Next was trampas creations and a little bit of DIY.

Soon I started a new job in company thats responsible for EV4 brand and made a statement to my boss that I will create my own board with his help. And thats how it started. Now our board is called Boardzilla.

"Electric Mountain Board with EV4 titlting system, extreme acceleration speeds and unique desing is finally ready and awaits you. We used some components from the top manufacturers and mixed them with our owne practices to get a incredible performance. Maksimum range is about 40 km so it can be a substitute to classical all day comutee vehicles.

Everyday comutee isnt the only application for Boardzilla. It also gives a lot of fun when riding off road. Cross country tours thru forrests will not be an obstacle. With EV4 Mountain Board you will get where you need too."

A little bit of specs: Drive: 2x 2500W motors (possible making it 7 kW with better battery) Battery: Li-Ion 36 V, 13 Ah Width: 26 cm Length:117 cm Weight: 15 kg with battery Range: 20-40km Speed: max. 40 km/h Suspension with tilting system Tires: TRAMPA 8” Transmission: Wheel pulleys with belt Aviation grade aluminum construction.

Please check out few photos and a video of this board. I hope you will like it. If you will like this topic guys I will write some more. Check out also our website www.ev4.pl P1010639 P1010643%20%E2%80%94%20kopia P1010649%20%E2%80%94%20kopia 1 2 deskaprzodzwiesz1 deskatylgora IMG_2734 przechyl2 przechyl3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGBkzhZknnE&lc=z22gv1aoesmjipaor04t1aokgwon0h4lzb0n1tymgmxirk0h00410



Very Cool! Considering all the parts at metal and i don’t spot any shocks at all, hows the vibration on imperfect surface?


Awesome :smiley:

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Great :heart_eyes:

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It handles off road great. Obviously when you ride on rocks or really bumpy “hard” roads you will feel the vibrations. But the wheels move independently so its not bad. When you ride in forests, grass etc, the ride is smooth and comfortable. Of course its not typical light mountainboard so the ride is a totally diffrent experiance.

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looks awesome!!! 15kg not really much. I thought it would be more. how is the riding at max speed, any issues with speed wobbles?

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Thanks Andy, there are no speed wobbles whatsoever. Even when it had maksimum speed of 52 km/h it was a steady ride. But for bigger range we changed transmission for the price of speed.


Really cool mechanism, in some photos if wasn’t for the tires I would say it’s a render, well done paint

I see, you copied our design. You know we have patent on this?

Uhoh :joy::joy: the patent police are here :policeman: :police_car:

E: looks like they did it better anyways :joy::joy:





Its definitely the not the same as Lean Trucks, you cant patent all wishbone suspension variants


Well, if your thinking about your patent design, this board has nothing to do with your trucks nor your board, the truck system is completely different and I don’t see what is copied


This is an esk8 forum, take your patent stuff out of here into pm. No one here wants to hear, oh that’s my design; “I’m going to sue you”, this forum was made to share ideas and builds, not to hear this design was patent, I’m not trying to bash on you, I love your board personally, but please take it to the pm.

This product has its own very unique handling system, your tilting system is Not whatsoever alike


Wow you are crazy, stupid or just an asshole to state this. Sorry.

Your board looks amazing, when will it be available to the market?

Interesting design. Not sure if I like it. Somebody buy it run it with the group ride here in Holland.

I wonder what the turning radius is? I didn’t see a lot of sharp turns in that tube.

I am making a video to show how it handles tunrs and rough terrain. I hope I will be able to upload it tomorrow.

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Hi guys,

check this vid out. I will show some more soon I hope. I If you want to know more contact me at [email protected] we are ready for orders now. The board is really something.


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How much just the trucks - suspension would cost?

Im slowly leaning in getting relatively low cost suspension system… just not sure what is the lowest to get one… not really into spending more than 200 eur, if I can just switch to bigger platform, like ebike, to enjoy the cruising

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