The Boardzilla electric skateboard - EV4 v2 Mountainboard

Electric skateboard “Boardzilla” from EV4 company.

Boardzilla has an innovative suspension system with tilting wheels like other EV4 vehicles.

The EV4 V2 Mountainboard design incorporates a double-wishbone steering system with a central shock-absorbing mechanism. The skateboard chassis is made primarily from machined aluminium and other metals, clearly, the designers are not trying to appeal to riders who like cheap & lightweight options, hence the name “boardzilla”!

No doubt this board has been designed & constructed using unorthodox (for skateboards) concepts, meaning the end result is a product that shares minimal similarity to most electric mountainboards that are available on the market today, but who cares. I love new & innovative concepts and when such crazy ideas come together & look this cool there is only one word left to describe it AWESOME!

In terms of performance, this weapon is rear-wheel drive, running dual 6374 outrunner motors that deliver power to the 8inch Trampa wheels via a belt & pulley drive system. However, It is not entirely clear what battery & power system has been dropped into the centrally mounted battery box in this version of the board.

The previous version made by this team from Poland was a 36v, 13ah battery system. It’s pretty clear that this project was built from the ground up heavily skewed towards mechanical engineering concepts, so its no surprise the electronics system kind of takes a back seat to allow the mech side to shine. The reality is these guys clearly have the skills required to bolt any kind of battery, motor, & esc combo they desire into this tank… I’m thinking 4WD is a must for Boardzilla v3.

see the beast in action

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