Evolution. LY Evo 39, dual focbox, dual sk3 192, 12s 4p 30q bestech big ass bms Its Alive!

Wasn’t going to do a thread on this build because its nothing new or indeed special but its just so pretty I had to share it oh and to thank the people responsible for making it. All I’m doing is assembling it. It started as a battery upgrade for my existing dual 6374 carbon and evolved from there hence the name. In looking for a way of mounting my controllers above the deck because of the great big battery I stumbled across @sk8l8r awesome clone evo build and things changed. That deck that enclosure oh lordy! That was me finished. I just had to get me one of those. Couldn’t go the falcon though just in case I couldn’t fit everything in and end up back at square one so went with the full size evo. IMG_0026 Just sitting there looking all gorgeous. Then the enclosure IMG_0995 Ignore the one on the left thats for later.

Then I had a massive motor malfunction with both my sk8 which were originally earmarked for this build and had to go for something else and after much deliberation I went with the old faithful sk3’s I’m not keen on sensors so not an issue for me and they seem reliable so hey ho off we go. Oh and hk delivers in 3 days…3DAYS!!!

IMG_1007 Drive train was an issue due to flex on the reverse TB mounts with big heavy motors so I hacked a cross member set up and incorporated some idlers If anyone is interested in that process then shout.

IMG_1008 Originally wanted dual braces and idlers but when I looked the belt was too close in the centre so until I source some smaller bearings it will stay with one for now. IMG_1009 Just not sure about that clearance. IMG_0997 It all fits just. IMG_1020 Got the nut serts in after some scary drilling into my baby Went with m6 big ass inserts and man that deck is hard. Broke a few before I got it all done IMG_1021 This basically where its at right now just some wiring and aesthetics and we are go. Just making up my mind about whether to go deck mount or enclosure. Keep you posted on progress

Big thanks to @Colson003 for the deck and x thingys @Eboosted for that beautiful enclosure @TinnieSinker for the battery @torqueboards for the drive train @CarlCollins for replacing my fried focboxes (and the hour long phone call ) @Deckoz and @sk8l8r for the inspiration
@akhlut for the x thingys :roll_eyes: sorry man!

everyone else that I have stalked and harassed all over this wonderful community

She’s rolling IMG_1023


That’s siiiiiiiiiick!!! :scream:

Please upload more profile pictures! right away! :camera_flash:


Awesome work! Its about time this went up :grin:


Nice Evo sir :wink:


damn this is pretty, what problems did you have with your sk8? im looking to get 2 6374’s @ 190kv to Australia. are they worth the extra like $30 compared to sk3’s?

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mate to honest they look almost identical under the can except for the sensor pcb. Seems like an updated design is all so should be as reliable. I think that mine were just a bad luck thing and hk would have changed them for me had i been bothered to send them back. one threw a hall sensor error up and the other had a catastrophic rear bearing failure. They were great up till then though. I have heard of similar issues with the sk3 a few months back but hk being hk will have addressed it by now. They still work but just sensorless.

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Will do as it progresses. loving it so far and haven’t ridden it yet. shes rolling

lovely looking build - rev mounts look really cool!

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IMG_1024 wiring is almost there. IMG_1025 bagged up the motors for the flat spot shaft work and ran out of get up and go. Should be up and running for testing in the am.
@Eboosted man can that loctite hold a pulley without set screws and keys and flat spots? rather just use that if it can. Been playing with wedges too to get the deck where it was designed to be IMG_1027 @Cobber apparently the deck was designed with randal 35 degree baseplates so these 15 should get it there is it worth doing? Oh and I’m assuming they are right. i’m lowering the angle of the hanger.


I’d deffo wedge a EVO Dareno. I couldn’t imagine riding one on 50’s without. How fast are trying to go?

Loctite works like a champ on motor pulleys, you just need to heat them to brake the loctite to get the pully off. TBH it makes a stronger union than a set screw :muscle:

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cool stuff. thought you’d know lol. Just took it out for a non powered old school downhill sesh and my god its planted man. so comfortable even with these crap bushings. can not wait to get it under power.

think it will still hit 60ks with the gearing at 15/36 because I really want it to do that going back up. I rely on gravity for the downhill bits

What a nice build! Let me ask you a question, what is the black piece highlighted in the picture?..it seems a plastic protector…is it 3d printed?..i would be interested to know more to protect my battery. batt

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I think I distinctly stated that you were to ignore that one. Its for later on. :wink:

Man they are the fine work of the creator of this fine forum because that my friend is an enertion 10s 4p 30q pack without the wrap. They are a plastic battery cell holder but not 3d printed I’m afraid. Them there would be mass produced. Keep looking though because someone somewhere has made some trust me.


LOL…i could not ignore such fine work. Indeed it seems enertion cells holder :slight_smile: Thanks!


where are you based my friend?


based in Brazil (Sao Paulo city). Our group of esk8’ers is small, but growing :slight_smile: We should have our first group ride in the next month or so…saw that you’re in Australia…lot’s of companies and big community…it should fun!


you’d think but big old country and very spread out. So not so much in the small communities. I build boards for nothing to get people riding. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Board looks sweet mate. Inspired me to write a build thread. Very similar to yours.

p.s Basement Skate has the TSG Pass on sale for $309 AUD if you don’t already have a full face.


Yes, use Loctite 680 no grub screws or keyways, but the pulley must slide in not loose and not tight, just perfect

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