Evolve Bamboo Gt 12Ah battery upgrade

Nice update man. Such a clean build! Which side of Straya are you on?

West Coast. Did I see your in Brissie ?

Cool, yea I’m in Bris.

Love the work I’m trying to do the same thing with mine but don’t know where to start yet I jus have to start it

Really smart work there. Looks very professional :+1:

Great thread @Marsen. Love the fact that Bamboo owners now have another battery option, and one that can be quite easily ‘hot-swapped’.

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How much range would you get on a 10s3p?

Hi Yanzo, The Bamboo GTX has a 10Ah battery and gives a range of 50Km with street wheels and 30km with all terrain so a 10S3P with Samsung 30Q’s and 9Ah would be about 10% less than that. The 10S3P 7.5Ah is only 1Ah more than the stock Bamboo battery of 6.5Ah so a slight improvement of stock performance can be expected, you should also see less voltage drop as the cells are high performance cells.


Had a 10s4p 30q pack done. 13km into the ride we drag race up a hill in gt mode. The gtx with the 30q pack (70kg rider) dropped to 72% the standard gtx (80kg rider) dropped to 14%.

In total we did a 23km run. The end is where it gets interesting. The 30q had 0% for the last 5 km where the standard battery had 30%. The last 3km the 30q was showing 0% while stationary. The last 1km the standard battery was in fast mode. My mate didn’t let off the trigger to prevent the eco drop and was able to hit 30kmh. We were switching boards every few kilometres too.

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The Evolve battery is custom made using LiPo cell so will have the stated capacity, unfortunately there are a lot of fake 30Q’s or even old stock and B grade 30Q’s on the market so unless the battery pack was tested for capacity once built there is no guarantee it is a 12Ah pack. The 30Q’s showed that they are better performing on hills with far less voltage drop but it seems the capacity is not what it should be in this case. Interesting input though.

How do I check the capacity? I just need a multimeter right?

No not that easy. You need a watt meter. That basically measures the voltage and current and displays it in watts, some will show Ah too. You then either fully discharge from full or fully charge from flat. You can buy battery capacity testers or make one with a watt/capacity meter.

Hi Yanzo, What app is that your using? Going to be building a 30Q 15Ah battery for the Carbon Gt soon so will test the distance. I’ll measure the true capacity of the battery before the ride and see what happens.

What happened to the promised pictures of the silicone gasket?

Haha, I was just thinking I hadn’t put that on here just this morning. I have made one that works well but I’m not happy with the mould so need to modify it slightly. It was fiddly getting the gasket out around the holes so I need to make the gasket a bit wider near the holes. The silcone I used was a self leveling type with seems fine other than it takes 3 days to fully cure and was easy to damage trying to remove before full cure because of the small sections around the screw holes. Got a picture of the gasket will take one of the gasket fitted when I get my board back. My son has it for a couple of weeks.20180926_125310%5B1%5D Made it in grey, will make some black next with the modified mould.


Design looks familiar :grinning:

It’s the shape of the cover so hard to change how it looks. It’s been extended by 5mm to suit my extended cover. Looks like a rocker cover to me. I wonder if there’s a car out there with a gasket that would fit, save me some time :smile:

@Marsen sports tracker

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Do you have a stl file on the extension piece you printed?

Yes I still have it.