Evolve Battery Upgrade Service (EU Only)

Hi guys, After doing a few Evolve battery mods I’ve decided to offer my services to a wider audience…

I’m only going to cover EU though, so as not to step on @longhairedboy 's toes :thumbsup: besides, I don’t offer a deck modifying service, just advice on how to do it and of course, supply of the actually replacement battery itself.

More information can be found in my blog post.



its ok, i have annoyingly long toes.


lol :smiley:

Great ! I was supporting people in France since April. Did ya manage to source the BMS?

I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were doing this too :confused:

I don’t have the BMS, but I do have the specific 11pin connector so people can use their existing BMS’, they just pug it straight in.

that’s fine mate, there’s no competition and if I can support your business I’ll do it no matter what !

To me that’s just an hobby.


I do have the specific 11pin connector so people can use their existing BMS’

How would any bms work? If i’m correct, the speed controller still needs input from the uart cable coming out of the existing stock bms. Unless you were able to trick the ESC somehow.

you cannot use any BMS. You must use Evolve BMS as there are UART and SW ports.

We definitely need to source this BMS. Drop in replacement packs for CGTs that just plug in? Are you kidding me i mean that needs to happen. The BGT/BGTX mod requires deck machining but the CGT doesn’t need shit.

And no competition here people i think its going to take all of us to effectively eviscerate Evolve on a global scale lmfao

I have one bamboo mod customer with a board that will blow your mind. I’ll post pics later.


Yeah you have to use the Evolve BMS unfortunately

Same here, just a hobby :smiley:

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If you agree, I’ll forward your upgrade service to my French community as well. cheers mate!

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Yeah sure! Why not :slight_smile: :thumbsup:



i get asked a lot about the EU as well. I’ll send them your way.


Great! Thanks guys :smiley:

I don’t want to get too swamped though! I still have to do my day job! :confused: lol

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until people start commissioning you to make their entire board!


hahaha me too man. The thing is, you’re supposed to get good at the new shit, lose a few nights sleep, then ONLY do the new shit.

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Haha! I’ve already turned down a couple of people for that :confounded:

why?!? i’m building my neighbor a board atm, lovin the extra cash :moneybag:

edit: ^^made it sound like I’m scamming him lol, extra cash for me is like $30

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I just don’t have the time! I wish there were a few more hours in the day… lol

Got so much on at the moment, what with my job, this, another business venture to do with enclosures, another project to do with hub motors… just can’t fit it all in let alone building a board for someone else! Just finished with my son’s board and that was enough! lol