Evolve BMS Plug

Any-one know the exact part no and source for the 11 pin BMS plug used on Evolve GT boards. It has a 2.0mm pitch . Looking to use on a DIY build. Thanks

Did you manage to find out what connector this was?

No I didnt Cant find details of that plug anywhere Cheers

I couldn’t find an exact match when making my custom battery. But I came across plenty of small 11 pin connectors.


There will be an exact match on Digikey but it’d take me an hour to find it. If someone REALLY needs the exact match that badly, PM me or look on digikey

I believe I’ve found a match. I’ve ordered it. If it fits I’ll let everyone know…

Don’t forget sometimes the connectors and the metal thingies inside them are two separate parts

Yeah I know :thumbsup:

Did you ever find the correct part?

I didn’t manage to find the correct connector unfortunately.

I had to get them made up locally at quite an expense! :confused:

Is it an 11 pin XHB connector???

Hay, i try to find the connector for the last 2 hours on Digikey but there are to much connectors…i realy need one…can you help me to pick the good one?

thanx man!:sunglasses:

would this work?


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Nice find! Definitely not a “great expense” :wink:

Man if anyone found one, please Let me know been looking for one for a minute but gave up🤷🏻‍♂️

Do You mean the connector for the bms (JST) 11 pin?

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Sorry, yes

Ahh ok… yeah I used some jst 11pin 2.0mm connectors, you would just have to shave’em down some it’ll be a little snug which is good bc they don’t have locks like the original… worked for me…:call_me_hand:t5:

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Can confirm, these do indeed work on the Bamboo GT BMS at least! They’re not an exact match so they don’t quite lock but they do fit quite snugly.

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Nice! i was finally able to confirm yesterday haha. same result for me too, no locking but so snug its ok!