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Tell us how you improved your evolve GT, what mods did you do & why?

Lol if I got my hands on one I’d hack the crap out of it


Hello from France.

Could you tell me what is the thickness of the board’s nose in mm?

I like to order a protection for when I get my Evolve GT Carbon in August 2016.



13.5mm measured with a ruler (I don’t have calipers available at the moment)

15mm measured with calipers

I had a quick look in the remote today to see if there was any way to add some weighting to the trigger. Anyone that has used a good quality camera lens or even DJ equipment would know a lot of attention goes into the weight and resistance of moving parts. Surprisingly Evolve have paid very little attention to this in designing their remote.

Unfortunately the trigger does not look to be a simple change (at least for my knowledge of circuit boards). I did test adding some foam into the trigger to give more resistance and it does actually work quite well. But its still not gonna save you if your standing on the board and drop/bump the remote unexpectedly.


After a month I really like the remote. What’s your sense now? I’m a trigger-finger guy (joystick guy not console guy) and it’s intuitive to me. Still haven’t tried a thumb driven remote so cant be sure I wouldn’t prefer that. Still, it 100% needs a trigger-guard. It is way too easy to catch the trigger and have a UD (unauthorized discharge) with the board. It’s only a matter of time before someone launches their board into traffic while adjusting their helmet our something. I’ve come close a few times.

Also, I find I use the speedo and battery gauge on the remote quite a bit. Initially I thought it was gimmicky, but I find myself checking speed depending on road conditions, and checking battery drain on hill climbs- it helps you find the drain vs speed sweet spot of throttle for any given hill.

I also do like the remote in many ways. The sensitivity can be a positive and a negative it really just depends on riding style. Your right though it needs a trigger guard or kill switch (perhaps thumb operated if they want to stick with trigger remote). The display info is great as well, build quality not so good (although I haven’t dropped mine so this hasn’t been an issue yet).

Yeah, agree, I suspect it would last one crash and be up for a new one. Could definitely be more ruggedised. The perfect remote seem like the last frontier across the forum sometimes.

would it be possible to 3d print a case that protects the remote and provides a trigger guard?

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When I first held the GT Remote, I would have thought it wouldn’t last one fall as well; however, I have had a few terrible falls, 2 of which the remote got caught underneath my hand when trying to brace myself, and it held up surprisingly well. I thought both times that it was going to be demolished for sure, but it survived both. It suffered some cosmetic damage and the trigger was able to spin completely around but it still worked well. So I was very pleased with the durability of the remote based on the impacts it suffered between a falling 200+ lbs guy and the road.

Happy/ surprised by the remote durability; however, not happy by the fact that my brakes started randomly giving out which is why I had these falls in the first place. Board has been sent back to Evolve and missing it like crazy :frowning:

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It’s a bit slow. Gen 2 with 90mm abec s is 8 to 10k quicker. Acceleration is great carves like a dream bit too slow : (

edit - this thing rocks ! Torque is amazing and I gained some extra top end with 90mms. Pulling power is unbelievable! edit - 97mm running now - really cool board. The 4 different speed modes are handy. Fiance rides this one in eco mode and I’ve been on the tesseract

Just out of curiosity…would it be possible to"mod"out the GT? It’s modular, so once warranty is over, would there be anyway to upgrade some of the parts, ie motors , controller module etc. Basically to turn it into a diy project to improve upon in the future when better tech becomes available.

I know with drones this was somewhat possible.

How many of you have put 3M clear bra or similar on the carbon to protect it?

If not, does the carbon mark easily, is it fragile?

My board should be two weeks away so trying to decide if i should wrap it or not

I also considered it but hearing how much of a hussle it is to put it on nicely i decided to go commando. I’ve got a bit more than a 100km on my GT and it is still ok. I won’t tell you that it doesn t scratch at all but nothing realy bad aisthetically however every time a rock hits the deck from below (and it will happen 100%) I am thinking of the clear bra.

Thanks constantinos156 - any other opinions please?

I tried to find a clear wrap solution for my Carbon GT, but I couldn’t find a product I thought would work. Instead I just added more grip tape to the edges of the board which I think is a must. The extra grip on the edges has helped a lot and surprised that there wasn’t grip take there to begin with.

YES! Wrap it… wiped out last week in street mode, my board flipped over and slid a couple feet. All scratched up on top now… oh well. Should have just gone right through that fckn puddle eh

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I also put grip tape on edges, helps riding as well as protecting. Also put nose protector on front, no your wheels do not protect the nose in all cases, I found out the hard way. I never installed the 3m clear bra I got, too lazy I guess lol. I did put carbon fiber vinyl tape on parts of underside that I knew would scrape and looks fine.

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I put 3m clear bra on my GT, I posted pics of it in the main GT thread…its buried in there somewhere. I actually crashed about a month ago and the clear bra of course ripped but it took most of the damage instead of the CF deck. I am going to reapply some new clear bra on it soon.

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