Evolve GT | Problems & Solutions

Yeah that is the exact same problem I was having where the board would shut down and definitely was not due to pushing the board too hard. Mine also always happened in the AT setup.

Mine did come back with the same problem the first time, and I had to send it back again. Hopefully they will fix your right the first time! The good news is you can get it fixed.

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Carbon GT with AT tires.

I am having the same issue, I used the board once and recharged it to 100% and pushed the power button and pop and black smoke. I was curious so I opened it up for a peek at the problem.

I spoke with evolve and they are shipping a new PCB to see if it fixes the problem. They have been responsive and helpful on fixing the problem.


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I just spoke with Brandon about this issue and they are sending me out a replacement controller unit and heat sink. It is super easy to install and will ease the shipping of your board. I opted for overnight shipping 60$ To Florida from Cali. They did mention that if it does not fix the problem it could possibly be the integrated BMS System with the battery.

You are lucky I have to send my board back. I will loose it for at least 3 week! :-/

For any curious minds that want to see the controller unit taken apart.

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Thermal Tape and thermal paste. After looking at this I would probably swap this out or use quality products, paste was not solid more like liquid. reminds me of the bad thermal paste job apple did on the mbp 2011.

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Any word?

I am following this with great interest - it seems like I should wait for Evolved to iron out their build quality issues before I order.

That looks like the buck converter burnt out. Makes sense too, taking 42V at continuous discharge of 80Amps (more or less if defective BMS, also based on my readings here) and outputting anywhere from 3-12V would result in a ton of heat buildup. Might solve it by adding a precharge mechanism to absorb the initial discharge (bigger caps?).

They’re using the STM32F4 series it looks like, but not using a gate drivers I recognize. The VESC for comparison powers itself from the on board buck converter (like above) but could also get its power from the DRV8301 series gate driver (currently floating).

I would be interested in seeing if the VESC would be more compact and reliable if the main supply to the STM32 came from the gate driver.

If you’ve got a moment, I would love to inspect the board and see if I can give a repair write up for people looking for out of warranty repair solutions.

Yup just last week I got my board too and after the first initial charge I heard a pop sound after turning my board on… must be a defective shipment of boards… really feel like the materials used for construction are in question here.

They’ve kindly offered to pay for my shipping return costs for the defective board to be repaired. I was contemplating asking for a new product since I payed for it new however I’m just going to accept for a repaired defective board… I still trust in their support and consumer care… Just worried about a board riddled with bugs. If you think otherwise let me know

Sounds like you’re handling it like a champ.

Before you send it off, could you take some well lit photos of the PCB (esp. of the burned areas). I suspect that Evolve is the victim of counterfeit buck converters (LM25xxxx series). The burnt package is a DDPACK/TO-263 and given its proximity to the coil, it should be the buck converter IC. Its a pretty easy repair assuming that is the only fault in the system. As bizarre as that sounds, fake converters are a real epidemic.

@thewrapelement You are in possession of two PCBs if I’ve read your posts correctly. I would gladly pay shipping and a tip to so that I can inspect and attempt a DIY repair. If the bucks are counterfeit, Evolved is going to have a bad time with nonstop repairs. The VESC’s use of the TI-DRV83xx chips could be a huge plus in situations like this since they have their own, internal buck converters.

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Yup… exactly right. She just needed a little lube is all… well alot a lube actually. And thanks bornagainskater. Terrible sound that was. Just wanna say to those who are getting defective boards my heart goes out you all. Yesterday … one of the motors of my board stopped working. After something like 1500-2000km of awesome. In normal conditions.street mode.Yes I ride alot. 500km of bike paths here in montreal. Anyways, jumped off my board right away turned off board. Noticed burning smell near control board area and one of the two wheels wasnt turning properly. Was stiffer. Notchier. Worrisome eh? So contacted evolve they suspect motor controller theyre sending me new one to swap. I’m thinking motor controller replacement will solve burnt part on control board but this stiff-ass wheel still worries me. Seeing as I have put so much mileage on this board I think i will be classifying this one as wear and tear and I am satisfied with how they are handling this. May still get a ride in before snow. Keep you posted

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Do take pictures of the PCBs and share them here. The more types of damage we can identify and recognize, the better out of warranty support the community can offer.

Just cut out on me heading down a hill literally, a few days after getting it back from Evolve, in fact it happened on the first ride since getting it out of the box (and putting the front wheel back the right way after someone at Evolve stuck it on the wrong way, which if fine if you want to inflate your tyre from the inside, i guess lol.

Smashed into the back of unsuspecting Land Cruiser to save myself from getting smushed at an intersection in Balmain.

The board is only a few weeks old, motor failed on the 5th short trip.

Have requested a refund, i love the look of the board with its awesome AT tires but i’d rather be alive with no Carbon GT than end up goo on the road.


So how many times did you go back and forth with the board until they accepted the refund request?

let me know how u go w ur refund…

If not getting a refund, I’m interested in buying yours. I feel like I can add some DIY to the board if Evolve gives up.

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Appreciate your posts bud.

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Thanks for the pics & feedback, guys. Helped me choose my 1st esk8. :slight_smile:

Do you happen to have a picture of the cells? I need to convince somebody that they are using 18650.