Evolve GT | Wheels Sizes & Pulley Setups

Use this thread to discuss your different wheels setups, Top speed, Handling etc…

As an fyi for everyone, GT pulley uses a larger 10mm bearing and will not fit most trucks. The wheel uses a more common 8mm axle. I wouldn’t recommend you try to buy the gt pulley for your diy build unless you don’t mind the extra work.

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Good pick up

Whate are the wheel and motor pulley tooth counts?

15/32, optional 38. AT 60

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I swapped out the evolve 83mm wheels for the 97mm Abec 11 flywheels (same 15/32 for both). Unlike most the commentary, I preferred evolve 83mm wheels. I live in an area with plenty of undulating hills to bomb up and down, and it feels to me like the torque of these motors using the 32 tooth pulley is tuned better for the 83mm wheels. The board felt much more responsive and alive, and the evolve wheels have a wider contact patch with the road, so they feel grippier and allow harder carving on the downhill runs. I’d like to try the 38 tooth pulley with the 97mm wheels to see how that runs. Not really interested in the higher top end speed of the 97mm + 32 tooth,- these boards handle great up to 32 km/h. I don’t have a comparison, but I feel there are better boards (larger motors and high-speed stable trucks) for going close to 42km/hr. Maybe I’ll change my tune once 32 km/h stops feeling quick. I didn’t find much difference in terms of vibration, the 97mm are certainly better on paved footpaths, but I tend to ride in bikelanes on the road- no real advantage. Anyways, I found I prefer the standard wheel setup.

@magnetvox Interested in selling the wheels? I mainly ride footpaths

Yeah I might @zoo. I was going to keep them in case I decided to increase the speed more down the track. If you aren’t in Australia the shipping might be hexy though. Let me know. I bought them from the evolve website and they have maybe 5 kms on them- they are brand new.

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Quick questions on wheels, I am switching over from street setup to try AT for awhile instead. What tire pressure are you guys riding on the stock AT evolve tires, and any different for real offroad vs streets/parks combo?

Secondly, I picked up these 8" MBS T3 Knobby tires and installing them on evolve 7" hubs, more or less tire pressure you think as these are less tuned for streets.

Lastly, I got a few tire/wheel color variations lol, green/yellow tires and pink/camouflage wheel hubs…which combo looks best lol!


Sorry @caustin, I still haven’t used AT yet, post your findings. Blue and Green on the looks!

I reinstalled the 97mm Flywheels today. I take back my previous assessment. I found them excellent. I think I never put the board in GT mode before (and the road was wet + I was not as stable as I am now). In GT mode in clear weather I really enjoyed the addition top speed, the extra thane definitely makes rubbish roads or footpaths much smoother, and they just roll. As someone previously mentioned, they also smooth out the torque on take off a little. I’m a convert. I’d love to see a board with a raptor dual setup that can take 97mm flywheels (no doubt someone’s done it). That would be a sweet ride I imagine with the beefier motors.

How fast does GT go on 8in ATs?

41kmh lol. Put 8in on today.

Having issues, got noise/vibration on 1 side. Can’t figure out what it is.!!!

Back from vacation now, so will try 8" this week and report back.

Got my $18 aliexpress belts in (5 ct.) They seem pretty high quality pretty on par with the stock Evolve ones. Only $3.60 USD each!


Can you share the link?

Thank you.

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Even cheaper now!

or 10 pack


Thank you!!!

Btw, spent time on the 38T street wheel pulley last week. I found it to feel noticeably different. More acceleration torque, at expense of only 1moh top speed. The more significant difference was in braking lol. Luckily I was initially cautious and first tried acceleration in fast mode, not GT. Not thinking about it much, I softly braked as usual and almost got thrown off the front of my deck at modest speed! Worth trying vs 32T, I am leaning towards leaving them on.

Interesting, how is it only 1mph less? thought the difference was supposed to be much more significant. Which wheels did you test on?

That’s really interesting. Ive been thinking 38T with the 97s to get the smoother road vibrations of the 97s, but the improved torque of the 38T. Anyone running that combo yet?