Evolve GT | Why choose Evolve GT -VS- DIY Build/Complete

Did you consider building your own DIY Electric Skateboard before buying an Evolve GT?

Should still be in pre-built cat and evolve.

@Mr_Mahal and @Ermac-514 … you guys could get the bamboo…

OR you can get better boards than commercial boards. Did you see the new Chaka complete? that looks slick and is like almost 700 Wh. You can be a beta tester for that as well.


And there is always the custom LHB as well, www.longhairedboy.com

In my opinion both of these would be better than the Evolves, I can’t really see how the evolve is better in any way? Even price is the same or more for the 2 in 1 evolve. And these will have the bamboo/maple deck as well, they are stiff for sure…but not as harsh as carbon fiber.

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lol or you could post your opinions here (where it might belong)


I’m not even gonna dignify you with an answer!!!

  1. no one has responded in it, so highly doubt the above two people would see it if I post it in there. That thread is buried somewhere.

  2. the boards I referenced are not DIY boards, they are complete built ready to ride boards. That thread is titled to be about why someone would choose evolve rather than a DIY build. I recommended two other complete ready to ride boards over evolve.

  1. not much to say I guess

2)That being true, feel free to start a thread called" Evolve Vs other completes"

3)This thread is for discussion about evolve GT, not for people who want to say whatever board is better. Your opinions just cause trouble as most people here want to Talk about & learn about Evolve GT.

  1. Have you ever ridden an Evolve Gt?

  2. Just as a Theoretical comparison. If I went into http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/ollinboardcos-freeride-integrated-deck-coming-soon/2058/48 and started saying raptors or evolve or BB are better, I would be a Dick!!! (as you may notice I don’t do that)

  3. If you’d like to share your opinion with a particular user maybe try a private message. just sayin.

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No I have not, but I have ridden double king pin trucks…which are not ideal for E-boards. Scroll through this thread and you’ll find a lot of discussion about how to “fix” those trucks or get harder bushings to make it more stable.

I’m not giving opinions, I just give facts.

Facts about the boards I referenced: -they are MUCH faster -they have the same or longer range -they use trucks that are more stable and meant for faster speed -they are made out of wood -They cost the same or less than the evolve 2 in 1 -they have a better warranty than the evolve

I’m not starting a whole discussion, I simply wanted to point this out to the two people who said they are considering a bamboo. The evolve GT is no doubt the best off the shelf board there is, and I like it. So not saying anything negative or bashing it, it’s a great plug and play board I’m sure. I have sent private message already to one of the users. Again I’m not sharing “opinions”, just facts. Just like there are certain facts that work in evolves favor, mainly just that it’s lighter by a couple of pounds.

If someone wants to move this to a different thread go for it.


I didn’t write this

Yes in my opinion those are better, because all the facts point to them being better. However there are certain people who will still like the GT even though all the data and performance figures are worse for it. Thus I can’t say definitively that those two boards ARE better, so I just added “in my opinion”. But the info i gave afterward about the price, the wood board, the performance is all facts.

Chillllllllllllllllll I’m pretty sure photorph owns a GT carbon if I’m not mistaken…?

It shouldn’t matter if he’s comparing because it’s still talking in comparison to the GT itself.

If he’s like buy my board! $1700 (insert speed) (insert range) and doesn’t talk evolve then that’s what I consider irrelevant then

But the GT is pretty :3 carbon fiber matches my other gear huehuehue

Yea the GT does look pretty awesome when it’s new. And the remote display is awesome.


I’ve learned that speed is nice, but unless you plan on riding on open car free roads it isn’t safe without a boosted-like remote with seamless throttle control… There’s pretty much no where you can go in a city without hitting traffic at some point or having obstructions… The GT remote isn’t the greatest I’ll admit, which is why I’ll be taking the BB to work for the most part…either way, the GT does go fast enough for me at ~26mph [quote=“Photorph, post:1870, topic:2510”] they have the same or longer range [/quote] At the cost of weight – the GT does weigh a bit more than Boosted, and I can handle it, but after a while it can get a bit annoying to carry. A board in the 19-21lb range is just not happening for me anytime soon…at least not for anything I’d commute on (which is 80% of my riding).[quote=“Photorph, post:1870, topic:2510”] they use trucks that are more stable and meant for faster speed [/quote] Totally agree…at the same time once you learn how to use them properly, or at least “fix” them they aren’t that bad. I got some bushings in the mail the day my GT snapped that probably would’ve made it as stable as I was looking for while still being able to carve. The carving experience is not overrated and is seriously something completely different than what you can get on calibers. You can navigate tight spaces a lot better as well. I just don’t like the stiff deck because carving doesn’t quite feel as natural as pushing your feet into the flex of a bamboo deck…it’s still nice but not the same.

Haven’t ridden a stiff wood deck, but I imagine it’s probably the same as a CF, just heavier… The GT has nice w concave like I believe your LHB has… Footing on it is actually not bad. Wider than the Boosted which I like, because I have big feet and they never feel quite secure when on the BB.

These boards have had a lot of R&D go into them, and are backed by reputable companies that provide a warranty…this is attractive to a lot of people, and it makes it a lot easier to sell vs a custom DIY board imo… If I were looking for an eboard I’d be nervous about buying someones DIY because I have no idea what problems can come up. Sure you can get 1 on 1 support with the creator but it’s just too much of a wild card. Similar to your brakes not working on your LHB out of no where…

I actually cancelled my Raptor to cover the costs of a new deck / possibly get a backup board…even though I know the Raptors will ship I just couldn’t imagine trusting it like I would a GT or Boosted. Having a bunch of people with the same board may not make you feel unique but you essentially have an entire community testing the board out. That means issues if there are any can be discovered, mods to make the board better can be shared, etc.

The remote is super critical to the experience, the evolve remote is a bit of a disappointment when it comes to seamless throttle control, but I really love being able to see my distance/speed/bat% all in one without having to open an app, squint at my board, or get off and flip it on its side. The DIY remotes I have seen have no indicators for things I’d like to know about the board… There’s trade offs with everything but I think Evolve and Boosted are offering great boards that fit two different styles of riding which is why I will have one of each…thought originally it would be Evolve and Enertion but I think I’ll wait until the Raptors are a bit more stable and reliable…


So well said… :slight_smile:

That is a good point, although I ride on open roads WITH cars lol.

Carrying something like the LHB is just a no, I never carry it. Only from my place to my front door. The board is heavier than my bicycle lol.

I think my “warranty” for the LHB is pretty good, so far he has taken care of things better than boosted or evolve would have. The brakes did cut out, but that’s a known issue because of too much current going back to the VESC when braking downhill. The R&D part I’m just not too sure about. I had issues with my boosted that had to be resolved. People are having issues with the GT that have to be resolved. And I had one braking issue with my LHB board. So I can’t really say that the R&D really helps in any way, as long as the product is built well DIYs can be reliable.

Oh man, I literally just got my shipping notification today for the raptor! You were so close.

The DIY community has pretty crappy remotes compared to something like the boosted and evolve, that I will admit. My steez remote already broke.

No one seemed to mention how horribly ugly it was also, compared to any Evolve ever made…(in my opinion)

Watch Out for peaople who have all the “Facts” lol

That’s not the final board…you know that right? lol. That’s just the wooden deck. Also if you get an LHB build, you can customize the looks to anything you want…any style of deck, any colors, any wheel color, etc.

How about brakes?

The motor brakes.

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brakes or breaks lol