Evolve GT | Why choose Evolve GT -VS- DIY Build/Complete

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im actually in US, California, and if you can suggest me US companys it will be great.

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Yes ) really… Look im new in this esk8 and i need to know what will be most comfortable and save way for me to go, pre-build way like bagabords or carbon GT as far as i see looks and feels much more stable ... I need all Terran version, im riding long boards for last 10 years and know how dangerous it can be to fall from being almost 300 lb if you know what kind of build will be good for those specs, and can suggest me something it will be great. Thank you

Alright I will bite. I’ll help you out, I notice you’re using google translate or something so a lot of what you’re saying is lost in translation Deck: @treenutter custom deck, probably the 44 as that will be better for your wide stance. Motors: @torqueboards new 6380 motor, this ought to pack a mean punch as it has the same stator as a 6384 but in a smaller dimension :woman_cartwheeling: Battery: A couple of places, @psychotiller @barajabali @JLabs and so many more. 12s5p for extremely good top end and range, needed at your height and weight.
Mounts and drive train components: @marcmt88 VESC: Focbox by enertion, depending on your location can be bought by several vendors. just search “Focbox EU” or “Trusted sellers” in the search bar to find who sells them. Enclosure: I think @psychotiller would be fastest in making a custom enclosure for the 44, any enclosure would do fine though. ask @bigben I think he is in Europe. Wheels: ABEC 107’s or @psychotiller six shooters depending on budget/terrain. Trucks: Kinda personal I guess, but maybe @torqueboards 218mm truck or surfrodz. whatever really

That should be a solid start. read more and see how these components interact. Take a look at the “no words just pics” thread to get a glimpse into everyones internals and see how they wire their stuff up.

Happy hunting -Ebi


remember if going with SR’s the only person that has mounts right now is @psychotiller

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NO. You want a Metroboard Dual drive