Evolve GTX / 10s8p / Landyachtz Switchblade 40

Upgrading my 2 month old GTX, The cells used in the stock GTX just didn’t have the range, especially running on the AT setup. Didn’t like the battery anxiety I felt after riding 15km, Wanted something that would outlast me on a ride so………………………

Upgrading my GTX with a 10s8p pack. Replacing deck with the Landyachtz switchblade 40, as it has slightly flex than the stock GTX deck = compensation for the additional battery weight and my 190cm heavy’ish frame. (Will be testing the range this weekend). 37719276_10156882925909610_1395093974326181888_n!37826987_10156882925804610_1914504117691088896_n37831485_10156882926084610_7256117985532706816_n37754839_10156882926034610_1261436413140795392_n37727476_10156882818464610_8124921725562388480_n|375x500





Wow! :heart_eyes: I didn’t think you’d manage to keep the underside of the deck still looking cool with that dope artwork, but you totally did! Looks really sleek, I’m guessing really stable board-feel as well :smiley:


Nice work man. Looks tidy! How are you going with range now using the 10s8p and AT wheels? :slight_smile:


Nice battery…I know a guy…lol

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Hey @Adstars have you had any issues with wheelbite on this? Planning on running 6in nummies on the 38in of this but not sure if that will be an issue

I’ve had no issue running on the 7’ AT’s, can’t imagine you would get any issues with the gummies

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did you 3D print the enclosure extensions? (extending the thickness to compensate for the fatt 8p) @Adstars

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Yes, printed. You can find the spacer on thingiverse. It’s in sections.


Did you ever do a range test on this setup? Love the look and simplicity… might be giving me some ideas!

What’s the depth of this enclosure in the middle? Looks really slick.

Really depends on conditions, but most weeks I do a 50-60km

Do u have any problem using the OEM evolve BMS n ESC ? I was doing a built with evolve ESC BMS ,with 10s5p. N everyone is calling evolve can’t handle

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Evolve esc will work with any parallel size 4p, 5p doesn’t matter. The amp draw is what matters. It’s a 60a esc so you may run into issues with larger motors than stock.


That’s exactly how I understood about the evolve ESC. Still Donno why everyone hate it . I am building evolve ESC BMS n remote to pair with 10s5p On trampa street carve deck

People hate the fact that the ESC/BMS/remote are proprietary and no tweaking can be done to the setup… alongside the disconnect issues with the remote that consumers have been plagued with. Evolve refuses to officially recognize that issue. Some people experience, some don’t.


Yea . Understandable . Base on my own experience owning a carbon gt . I found it superior on the driveability I do have some connecting issues ,only when so many people surrounded .But not like breaking off or lost of control . Its only in the beginning when syncing the remote to the board .

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Yea I get it. I have two evolves myself and haven’t experienced any issues. I’m hesitant to spend time and money into this and potentially run into issues down the road where others have not. Just a gamble I guess

I always wonder if I can replace the motors with different brand motor but sticking with 150kv. Really have no clue if anyone done it on evolve ESC . Anyone here can share some infos?

I’ve used 200kv with the stock esc. Just gotta keep an eye on the amp draws. It really boils down to making sure whatever motor you choose stays within the limits of the esc. I say this with caution because you never know how Evolve has their esc specifically set up for their motors.