Evolve on VESC mods

Hi All,

Realise this probably and obvious question and answer…….

My Evolve BMS broke again due to being “wet” (no idea how) Worked out the BMS UART code and installed a better BMS… I also bought a VESC dual 6.6 plus with 6384 motors as a protest for the proprietary … overkill, yes that’s what I do! While I’m designing a motor mount solution, I riding the old battery and evolve 5065 motors. My motors are cogging up (I believe its called) . I`m running them in FOC mode / hall sensors… No idea how many poles the stock motor has?

Few questions.

  1. Did you do a motor detection? Was it successful?
  2. Are evolve motors sensored? You need to check pin diagram make sure it matches vesc properly.
  3. try FOC no sensor.
  4. Who is the vesc vendor, did you consult with them?

Flipsky - Dual 6.6 plus. yeah done protection worked fine. its set at 14 poles… When I go on the throttle going downhill, the motors are cogging whether i lay on throttle work brake gently. Feels really rough

  1. Yes
  2. Yes, see pics
  3. will do, what is the logic?
  4. Flipsky 6.6 dual plus

Because it isn’t functioning correctly with the existing configuration

yes thank you good point :slight_smile: . When I switch motors to 7P it runs better, only did this when i was unsure of what it meant. No Idea what the actual evolve motor is ? I suspect it would be important?

count the magnets if visible. Probably 14

Sorry about the delay, something going on in the world atm…

I Had to pull the motor apart to get a count. so

14 Magnets 12 Windings looks like 120degs sensors?

Ive run the motor detection many times now, I still get same issue, motor is cogging loads. its a Flipsky Vesc, I have contacted them but no solutions as yet. It can run okay for a bit but then its like the timing goes out and feel like its vibrating

It’s set as hall sensor

I’ve tried it without sensors as suggested, no difference really, if i switch motors over I.e left to right, the problem occurs on that motor too

got any close up pics of the motor controllers?

Does the pic help at all? cracking to get out for a skate :slight_smile: Thanks for the help thus far

is the “cogging” happening when you are riding, or only on the bench>?

Both, if im free wheeling and try ease on the throttle it starts cogging from that point. It was a lot better at one point, but sadly lost those settings

Ive managed to get it to actually ride, the V0 & V7 and High current setting changing to - True made the difference, its got rapid acceleration, but a couple of times when getting up to speed, the motors seemed to cog which threw me off the board. The braking is very rough, and when you doing about 15mph + and touch the brake its extremely aggressive and dangerous, however easing on the brakes seems okay, until you get to the ‘smart brake ERPM threshold’ then it stops violently. Im wondering if the Evolve motors are running different encoder\hall sensors, the board is def not as smooth as it was with Evolve ESC


yup, something not right there.

If your vesc motor controller PCBA is done properly & the software setup is done properly things will run smoothly first go. You really don’t need to screw around with many settings to make it work.

Have you tried setting everything up again from scratch, suggest to try to reload/update the firmware, updated it all & set it all up again. If issue persists you have a hardware problem.

What exactly do you mean by this?

When I switch motors to 7P it runs better

I have tried all of that over and over, the 7P point was before I clear between poles and pairs and so I set it to 7P thinking it meant pairs…… It ran smoothest then, which leads me to think its timing.
I went out for a ride yesterday, since i have been able to get it to run better with the V0 & V7 to true and high current setting on, its feels like the traction control is causing the issue. I cannot seem to find much around the VESC traction control logic and setting. The motors are regulated by current so actual RPM may vary right between motors? So naturally a variation in speed would cause a traction control issue? equally when im at speed and try brake even just a bit, it seems violent, and the effect of one wheel locking up cause chaos with the other. Will duty cycle % be a factor to over compensating? and does anyone know more about regulation the traction control?

Thanks for the input so far!

This is with traction off