Evolve pulley on Caliber trucks

I was thinking of buying the evolve 32 tooth pulleys to go on my next build, but will the fit on caliber trucks?

it has a build-in bearing… so you need wider axcles or other pulley… you could diy your truck… or buy it… depends what you want with your costs… normal caliber and diy is cheaper option ofcours

gr sam

You need to cut off some of the hangers to extend the axle or buy the Caliber II-E Versions.

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what do you mean wider axel…I’m using the standard torqueboards trucks, can I just use a grinder to grind down the hanger and can I pull out the bearing?

yea kind of. just watch longhairedboy video. i did the same thing… i put hub motors on my diy esk8 with evolve supercarve trucks :slight_smile:

thanks man! I’ve been looking for a wheel pulley that doesn’t cover the green core of the kegals or break the bank, and I think I’ve found it

Evolve pulleys are abec cores no? Metroboard pulleys also only cost 30 USD which is pretty cheap for what you get. But are you looking for kegal wheels or abec’s?

Yeah they have multiple types of pulleys, they have the abec ones for their wheels, but they also have kegal push in ones

Edit: they are $30 US each

This is the pulley:


Honestly for the 20 bucks I’d just buy a jlabs pulley from bkb.


Definitely pricier but it’s modular and would hopefully last longer lol plus support those local forum members!

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Yeah that’s true…I don’t really like evolve anyway

No way, those are bolt-on pullies. Don’t ever use bolt-on when you can use insert pullies

edit oops, they’re insert

No I talked to @JLabs and he said that they were insert

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What you on about willis?

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Yeah those are definitely not bolt on. But they do use bolts that hold the inner hub connector to the pulley part.

Did you even look at the product page lol?

In case ya need more proof lol.

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Leave him alone hes hung over


ok somewhat back on topic, I really want to use these evolve pulleys, could I drill out the inside of the pulley, to make it fit? And why the extra bearing?

No, you need to replace the 10mm bearing with a normal 8mm skate bearing and with TB trucks you need to cut a bit of the hanger off to allow for the extra width

Aren’t they made of delrin or something? Personally i don’t like the plastic pulleys. But then I’m old school and like big chunky lumps of metal but hell you pay for them though which is why all my wheel pulleys are bolt through.Theres just something so satisfying about spending an hour a wheel to balance them…:expressionless:

ok thanks man…I think I’ll go with the bkb pulleys, or the torqueboards pulleys, now in retrospect it’s kind of dumb to spend extra money and time just to be able to see the green cores on the kegals :joy: