EVOLVED | DIY Clone | 2x 5065 | 2x FOCBOX | 8s 8ah | Original Evolve Parts

Alright. As some of you might have noticed I like the looks of certain prebuilds. Especially Boosted and Evolve. But as I’m not satisfied with their performance I build clones with better specs. Here we go again! I fell in love with the Evolve Bamboo GT and I simply didn’t like the way it accelerated (and the remote #triggersdisgustme). I then discovered that you can buy all the needed parts for a build, except all the electronics of course, straight from Evolve. And that was perfect for me as I then could DIY the heck out of it, and get my beloved VESC’s in it. You’ve probably seen me post some small teasers in the pictures thread!!

Parts list: Evolve Supercarve Trucks Evolve Bamboo GT deck + enclosure Orangatang Kegels 5065 motors from Banggood 2 FOCBOX’s (ty @BoostedBuilder) 15/32 drive train 4x Zippy 2s 8ah batteries (why do they not make 2s 8ah Graphenes??) Nano-X remote Anti-Spark switch

Some pictures: Workshop :arrow_down: IMG_1780

Tight fit :arrow_down: IMG_1760

The baby in all it’s glory :arrow_down: IMG_8250 IMG_7408

For now it’s ridable, but there’s some minor stuff I still want to do: :pushpin: Add my custom balance connector (v2) :pushpin: Add LED strips, headlights, taillights and controller :white_check_mark: Refine and rewire the battery wires (fkn 8awg) :white_check_mark: Upgrade to FOCBOX’es :pushpin: Get an AT kit

Hope you like it!! There’s also an update for my Boosted clone real soon, as (also) seen in the pictures thread :smiley: I’m refurbishing my boards so they’re ready for summer :sunglasses:


I am surprised those massive lipos fit in that enclosure. Did you do any modifications to get them to fit? Do you have space for them to puff? Afaik lipos fuff about 15% when put under heavy load. Edit: So looks like they are only 15mm in height, that’s very good. How are you planning to charge them?

Right now I’m charging them individually. But I’m planning to integrate my charging system I have across all my boards. A power connector and a custom balance connector, connected to my 10s balance charger. :slight_smile: I added some rubber gasket to raise the battery case a bit :slight_smile:

Aren’t you worried about the flex of the board?

What’s to be worried about? :slight_smile: It doesn’t flex that much either

The Li-po’s are placed horizontally and not vertically (depends on the way you look at them but I think you get my point) so they’ll be taking any slightest flex. I don’t know if there is any room for them to move when the deck flexes but to me it kinda looks a little worrying.

Hope I’m wrong cause it looks nice!!

Yeah, I thought about that, but after I added the rubber gasket, theres a tiny bit of room for the batteries to move. Also, the board does not flex enough to bend the individual cells. It would probably be a problem if I heatshrinked all the batteries together. :slight_smile:

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Then it’s perfect!

Do you prefer the look of the bamboo over the GTX?

Yes, I like the light, beachy look, especially since my Vanguard has black grip tape on it :slight_smile: I know the GTX has a cutout, but I really wanted this look :smiley:

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what’s the range like on this setup

I haven’t tried riding until empty yet, but my initial calculations give me around 22-24 km :smiley:

Rewiring, and replacing 8AWG with 10AWG:

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Alright, so I was on a fairly long ride and near the end of the ride, I tried accelerating rapidly and I felt at least one of the VESC’s cutting out. I checked the metr log, and the fault code was DRV8302. What causes this? Both VESC still works perfectly fine, and I’ll try accelerating rapidly again, when the board has recharged. I have also accelerated hard on full charge and there were no problems. :slight_smile: DRV fault at 18:08:44

What settings do you use for the vesc’s?

Maytech vesc? Had similar issue, went away when I changed to focboxes.

Change battery max to maybe 25A each vesc

Tried riding again today. There’s no problems when it is fully charged. I can hammer it as much as I want. Only when the battery get’s to around 30v (3,75v per cell) I get the error codes when accelerating hard. And only on one of the VESC’s. I’ll try changing the settings a bit, but it’s really weird, because I used these VESC’s on my other board with 63mm motors, and there I pulled a lot of amps compared to this board. Only difference is 50mm motors with sensors compared to 63mm without sensors, and the firmware. (ack 3.101 vs stock 2.18)

Settings are all stock except of the following: Motor detection parameters App setting parameters Motor max: 47a Motor min: -47a Battery max: 40a Battery min: -15a

Maybe it’s just getting a little worn out. I used the VESC for (probably a lot) more than 1000km :slight_smile:

Lowered the battery max to 30a, no problems so far :slight_smile: the most I have ever pulled on a board is 32a (per VESC) anyways…

Upgraded to FOCBOX’es, and now it runs in FOC! :sunglasses:


What Vesc settings do you currently run thoose motors on? :slight_smile:

The specs say max 47 motor amps, but I just upped that to 50a, so let’s see how that goes :slight_smile: battery current max 40a :slight_smile: