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So plan is for my second build to make a Trampa Evolve hybrid. Use tramp deck, trucks and tires, Evolves motors pullys and hubs, duel focbox and an under mounted 10s4p custom battery using Sanyo 20700b’s Things i still need to work out:-

  • Evolves standard Motor center to Axle center distance?
  • a bearing size for the trampa truck to the evolve pully?
  • the enclosure? I want to do an abs vacuum formed segmented but it means i need to build a vacuum former.
  • prob going to need a spark switch?

What do people think? 020413401%20-%20MBS%20All%20Terrain%20longboard%20Wheel%20-%20Black%20-%20PT212017137971118nano-xenertion-focbox-2_1024x1024Evolve_Skateboards_GT_AT_Kit37_PM_1200x1200


For a moment there I was going to say that you had it ass backwards!

Not sure it if the urban treads will fit on evolve rims though.

You can get cheaper Racerstar 5065 motors on aliexpress (140kv).

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Yes I relise that this a slimmed down trampa. A bit Less power in favour of range and stealth. Lots of threads say the treads are interchangeable I guess we will see for shore soon. I know I’m going to have fun fitting the hub to the trucks. I have the trampa R6 bearings that will do the bulk of the load but the other Bearing for the gear is still unknown.

Oh and as for the raccer star motor, you can’t get them in full black. Also I got board bumper ones when they were on special and they are local to me in Aus. I did order a set of “black” raccer star motors and they showed up red. Had big argument with manufacturers and ended up getting my money back.

Go with bigger motor diameter, your on a emtb!

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Mo’ bigger mo’better :laughing:

I like your style @Acido!

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Spray Paint! :sunglasses:

I figured if these motors are good enough for evolve. Iv ridden an evolve with pneumatics on grass and that’s plenty of power for me. This is going to be used primary on pavement and it’s going to be geared low as I’m not a speed demon. I thought about painting the motors but was also the issue of them not coming with the pully which it said it had in the add. The the board bumpers motors were only slightly more expensive overall and I didn’t have to wait a month for them.

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I have seen the racerstar used on mountainboards, so you should be okay :slight_smile:

Does anyone know A) the diameter if the step down on Tramps Mini spring trucks B) the length of the axle stick out and C) the thread length? 13797%20Dim


Or is the A part the 10mm spacer with an OD 13.525?

A is a spacer, 10mm long. The entire axle is ca. 34mm + thread.

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My mini trucks dont have this 10mm spacer… only my full size trampa trucks… is it at new thing @trampa ??

Required only for street wheels.

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Okay thanks… i have superstar/6.5 pneumatics… It would have been cool if i could use these 10mm adaptors as well, that would give me 20mm morer space for my motors :slight_smile:

Hiya, Im doing a build using a trampa deck as well and want to mount the batteries underneath, how are you going to build a battery cover that can cope with the flex ?

Probably going to make a segmented fiberglass one or build a vacuum former to make a segmented abs one.

So today’s step backwards is a galled thread. I don’t blame trampa for this it’s somthing that can happen anytime you are using stainless hardware. To be honest I should have known to used antiseze but I was just test fitting some wheels I had lying around. To be clear this isn’t cross threaded, this is galling. IMG_20180718_182346

Update on the axles. Management to pull the shaged one out by tapping it M10 and putting 2 nuts on it, removing the grub screw, then pulling it with a slid hammer. It’s with the machine shop now to get 4 new axles made to convert the trampa hanger to the evolve bearing pattern. (8mm with 10mm step up.) it will make them 20mm longer each side that’s why I’m making 4 of them. IMG_20180722_100436IMG_20180722_165032


For anyone still playing along at home. Got the prototype axles back and it works a treat. Now to get a full set and finish the rest. IMG_20180924_140843 IMG_20180924_140815


New got the new axles today and put them in IMG_20181022_111220 IMG_20181022_111315 IMG_20181022_111341 IMG_20181022_103540 Next on today’s list is make a abox for my battery welder and wire it up.