Evolvenstein: Carbon Gen2 + Enertion Focboxes + Maytech Motors + UNiK Mounts + Trampa Wheels + Photon Remote

Hi guys,

I have to thank the community a lot for what I have learned and for all the help I got building my board, with a special mention for @darkkevind, @egzplicit and @okp . You guys rock!

I have a more detailed parts list, but this is the main stuff:

  • Evolve Carbon Gen1 deck
  • Evolve Supercarve trucks
  • UniK motor mounts
  • 15x58T setup from BoardBumpers
  • Trampa Superstar hubs
  • Trampa UrbanThreads tyres
  • Trampa Gummies
  • Zealous bearings
  • Gates HTD 345 5M belts
  • Alien APS 100Amp
  • TheBatteryGuy 10s7p Samsung 30Q battery
  • Enertion Focbox (x2)
  • Maytech 6355, 170kV motors (x2)
  • Photon remote

Here’s a link for a quick video (photon remote not yet calibrated then): https://www.instagram.com/p/Bp_rP_kALpy/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet

It’s a sweet sweet build, which can both function as a smooth carver or (for me at least!) a speed demon. :slight_smile:




DSC_2211 DSC_0314




I’ll happily provide a more detailed parts list for those of you interested!


Master at work. That’s an awesome build man. You’re gonna have blast.


I recognise that workshop! :wink:

Assume build! I love those wheels on it… I’ve yet to see it in the flesh though… Didn’t get a chance NYD :confused:


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What BMS are you using?

you’re the master, I’m just the apprentice who put (some) stuff together…!


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If you’re down for the Carve ride tomorrow, I’ll be there.

Thank you so much for your help and patience, it’s been awesome learning from you :slight_smile:


I’m not actually sure, I got the battery+BMS from @darkkevind, so he’ll have a better answer for you.

@b264 it’s just a tiny little 10s BMS from decent seller I know on AliExpress… It’s charge only, discharge is bypassed.

you managed to cram a 10s7p in there jesus christ


A similar build…

As you can see, the battery fits quite nicely… Would be even more space of used with a focbox unity.


And I thought a 10S6P was tight in there.


That’s what she said.


(sorry, too easy!) :stuck_out_tongue:


this gen1 deck is so freakin’ cool.I’ve always wanted to make a dual build with this deck.I am so fuckin’ jealous… Nice job!


This is GT trucks right?

Let me know if you need a detailed parts list! :slight_smile:

Yeah, otherwise you’d have to chop and change the original ones…

Or weld as in my profile Pic!

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that’s an awesome build you have. I would be great to have them side by side to compare the rides… I prefer the wider trucks…

Come to Perth, Western Australia and we can test. Weather is lovely.

I have no idea if the wider trucks are better or worth the effort to learn how to weld, but it was certainly fun. I’m considering changing to the 175mm tires now. They are supposedly better. I will lose top speed but I have enough.

Ahhh, it’s only on the other side of the world! :smiley:

I’m using the 165mm urban threads from trampa and I feel it’s a good compromise between PUs and 200mm ATs…!