Exway X1 Pro (details on website)

Just saw this! Can’t help but feel a little hard done by since I got the first version less than a month back!

Oh well, technology hey


I love when they say “it’s a speed demon” and “the most advanced esk8 on the market” They clearly don’t know anything BTW, I’m not criticising your choice :call_me_hand:


Haha, yeah u won’t believe but we have extremely limited options (prebuilt) boards here in South Africa.

I even had a look at building one, but we literally have no eskate parts, all need importing.

The v1 to me , is all I need really… very rarely do I ride over 30km/h, so the best xtra speed for me is not necessary… I get 12km on a ride, so from a range perspective it’s not too bad

I do however want some of this bigger wheels :smile:


sorry, but how is this differentiated from all the other generic chinese hub boards? meepo/wowgo/etc

I have no idea. I haven’t tried any other. I can only comment on what I’ve experienced

The exway has a nice looking integrated deck, the hubs are more much more powerful the meepo/wowgo. It even did better than a boosted in Jay Boston’s uphill test at 24 degree incline.

It is also faster, better quality wheels and smoother. I can’t remember if the remote has a lcd, it probably does as I think the esc is custom


yes it does. Between the prebuilt I like the exway. I would only change the battery.


yeah it’s got an oled display and the esc is custom. Out of all the prebuilt china boards this one is really head and shoulders above… I should know cause I’ve tried pretty much all of them :stuck_out_tongue:


But then again, the price is high Between 900$ exway and 1200 raptor 2.1, I would go for raptor

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I’d be curious to see a VS review between Raptor 2.1 and the Exway pro though.

Sure the Raptor will wipe the floor for range, no contest here. It’s heavier with a bigger battery. Hubs are fat too so I expect big power, yet the standard Exway seems already very nimble.

What I’m interested in would be :

  • acceleration and hill climbs
  • top speed
  • reliability (thermal management on harsh rides and water resistance)
  • stability in corners

I thought the stock Raptor was supposed to top out at 50km/h while the Exway Pro is now advertised at 49km/h (48.6).

Which means that depending on what you need (i.e. Lighter board with say 15km range or heavier duty board with 30km), it can be wise to get one or the other.

Btw is Exway shipping fast ? Enertion is hit or super delay. How are warranties for both companies ?

I mean : just go DIY if you don’t care about warranty. So many parts to create the best possible board for anyone now !

Edit : Just to be clear, I’m genuinely interested to see how both boards would perform cause specs for pre-built are good.


"State of the art sensors are placed throughout the board, (14 in total) so your board is constantly thinking, reporting, and adjusting to your riding style. "

sounds interesting. Could just be more marketing gobble.

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Well. We swapped out my R2.1 hubs for the exway. It wouldn’t be a comparison of the complete board but it will be fun.


That’s a good idea. I am sure people are also interest in the hubs only. It’s one of the thing I like about exway

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Not for the faint of heart, turbo mode increases the power from 1000 to 1200 watts. Hang on tight

ahahahaha. Hold on, cause that 200 watt boost will be HUGE!!!

Ride 16 miles on the fastest charging, most advanced, electric board ever.

Eh… A bit of a stretch, but ok, claim what you want.

TBH, not too different from any other company. Just they are trying really hard to sell this board.

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I know 1200 watts isn’t exactly crazy power for you (btw I love your rocket board build) but I do think that the extra 200 watts will be a noticeable increase for exways target consumers and honestly for a prebuilt board pretty good power (provided it can actually run that much power irl)

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with them all being different kv of course they’re gunna have different performance w the same esc settings. U could adjust the settings based on kv and compare but not fun. And even the measuring temp at the top of a hill to compare could be hard to do accurately without glued in sensors. Efficiency and watt hours per mile w the same course and board n settings seems good no? Have to maybe limit throttle to some percent then go full the whole run. And other than that feel of the ride? Maybe you should balance them all first.
What phase plug size u using?

I agree the marketing material is a bit of a stretch in terms of wording but having talked to the exway engineers in China extensively I don’t doubt their numbers.

@Winfly and I ran their X1 hubs on a unity earlier today up and down 12% hills around my place, and they were pretty good. Here’s some Metr data (note we don’t know the motor poles count so the speed is incorrect and maybe some other things)

Definitely a better ride than the raptor hubs :rofl: I can’t say enough how much I like seismic trucks


87kph?!?is this the correct databxd?

Wow I see a 71.5 amp to the motor what are the setting your running this is awesome how’s the over all feel from the exway set up… is there more power ,torque ,speed ect …

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