FatBoy antispark 0.5W draw

I’m talking about a few passive components, it’s shouldn’t change the bom price.

But i can also get rekt’d


It is nice that you are suggesting, but you don’t know our switch design and how it works. It is not a few extra passive components.

Canadian sorry, just trying to lend a hand. What do i know


I dont mind you trying to lend a hand, but I would love to see how u would turn off/on power rail with few passive components :smiley:


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your welcom


Yes, this is nice example if your switch is using MCU…

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An MCU can cost less than a few dollars to add to a BOM. Especially if they’re fire and forget.

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Everything is cheap if you only consider BOM price.

In device manufacturing at any quantity, it’s king.

MCUs can do a lot for very little, I have found they save time and effort again and again as they often allow for simple yet smart design choices at a minimal cost to BOM. Unless you’re talking about the firmware development, which I consider negligible with this level of complexity of device.

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guess it would be possible to have a latching circuit to get rid of the mcu, like you said, i don’t know your circuit. i’m just guessing best practice.


Well yes, but manpower and etc things cost money too. Some device design would cost more than BOM for 1M devices :wink: Everyone can buy a part but not everyone can make that part work like intended and specialist get paid to do it.

Try to explain that to any EE company by telling it is just a simple switch or any other professional engineering company that it is pretty simple.

Let’s not discuss this any further as this topic is completely not related to the issue.

We already have solution for this but at the moment to throw away whole stock is not wise so maybe in future we will update it. Right now it works like it should, and many people have no issues with it.

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By responding to this, you’re inviting discussion. Unless you’re saying you just don’t want to discuss this within this thread. Either way I’ll just say this:

So you don’t think I’m entirely talking opinion out my ass:

I lead hardware development for a device technology company for my day job. I disagree, but the MCU vs static/passive design argument is often a generational one. Personally, I wouldn’t consider running a modern ‘EE company’ without an embedded engineer on staff.


I am sorry my english is not really good, I am going back to works so I dont have time anymore to discuss this.


Totally understood! Thanks for taking the time today to discuss your design and products.

I appreciate it.



Did you know that the roll to start antispark from @Martinsp also slowly drains the battery?

I bet most do.

A note stating how much it drains is all I need and then be done with it.

@Kug3lis @3DServisas your pulleys rock.

Sure peoples could be posting a bit less arrogant. Let’s admit to being guilty to that or anything else that was offensive or something else and move on.


I should start welding up my 35 degree risers to sell. Looks like some bridges are burning.

Don’t let the door hit your entitled ass on the way out


Why are you guys so frickin angry?.. most commercial lion products run flat within 30 days anyway, the boosted V1 is a good example if the battery got low because you either left it at 100% and it drained to 0% or you rode it to 40% and left it there for a month then there would have been no way to charge it except forcing current through the motors to charge the a123 cells. (or just send the board to get replaced)

if you don’t check up on your eboards often (1-2 weeks) then your asking for a disaster… or if you’re super worried just buy one of those storage voltage maintainers.

^or i just sound super dumb

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It’s not only esk8 technology is in it’s infancy - some vendors are also. And that has nothing to do with cutting edge technology.

The feeling that i’m doing a favor to a vendor buying their highlighly premium/expensive products kills me.