FatBoy antispark 0.5W draw

Yeah, having that problem with the FatBoy antispark right now. Didn’t realise that it’ll draw 0.5W on while my board was off, 10s3p batt almost died from it, from 2 weeks of being idle.


Do you guys think that computers on standby also don’t consume power until you turn it on? :man_facepalming: Maybe earth is flat too?

10s3p 30q is a month not a two weeks (333Wh/0.5Wh = ~28 days) if you storing your board for these kind of periods if I were u I would disconnect battery from everything…

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0.5W though? That’s like 10 mA of leakage current. Really bad, I assume your switch doesn’t leak that badly?

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It’s not leaking anything it’s power consumption on off state (vreg and logic) 5mA

Well that’s shit then. Redesign your switch lol.


Well I don’t give a fck u want cheap have cheap ldo vreg :smiley:

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Are you saying that an expensive power switch should leak 5ma? I’m pretty confused. All I know is if I designed a power switch then realised it consumed that much in off state I’d bin the design and start over.


Go confuse urself more :wink:

Exactly. The unity doesnt consume any power (or neglible power consumption) even after leaving my board idle for 2 weeks… I’d say that 0.5W of idle consumption is too much, but to each his own.


For reference I think it draws 2-3 uA. So roughly 2000 times less.


Yeah right 3uA xD

Do you store your board at 42V? Facepalm.

I said my 10s3p got drained to 0 in 2 weeks. No where did I state that it was from a full charge because I sure as hell don’t store my boards at full charge.

Edit: I have over 10 boards and hence store them at 60% charge for each to preserve battery life. It is obvious that there are times where I neglect riding some boards for weeks or months at end, and having a passive 0.5W drain isn’t ideal. I can’t imagine being alone in this dilemma. I’m sure there are some who are sesonal riders and don’t ride in the winter.

It’s not a matter of whether it consumes power, it’s a matter of how much it consumes and what an acceptable limit is.


I store my board at 240V does it matter?

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Whatever floats your boat.

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Sorry checked datasheet, 9uA. My mistake. So just about 1000 times less.


Well the switches are different in the first place but ur switch aka unity still wasn’t delivered since last autumn…

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  1. The first batch of Unitys have been delivered. I own one.

  2. That isn’t the point. We’re merely pointing out that a drain of 0.5W is too high on idle. If you don’t want to anything about it, that’s fine.

Side note, your attitude regarding this matter is really off putting. I find you constantly critizing designs of others (e.g. flipsky), but when someone brings up a concern on one of your designs, you get super defensive. Not cool.

Edit: i don’t think this is the right place to address this particular concern. I’m sorry @goldenHusky for de-railing your thread. If a moderator could kindly address this (either by deleting the messages or moving it to a seperate thread, that’ll be most appreciated.) @anorak234 @mmaner @treenutter thanks!


Well I’m glad I clicked on this thread. 0.5w passive drain for a power switch is worthy of notice when purchasing especially on what would be considered a high end item. Draining $300 packs dry in a month is way no bueno. I have a couple of these for future projects, and certainly would have made sad and angry faces at some point had I not seen your post.

Thanks @nuttyjeff I consider your post a PSA.

@Kug3lis you owe your customers better. At least a warning. It’s hard to continue to support your products if you don’t share stuff like this.

@goldenHusky sorry for cluttering your thread. I’m excited to see the pre-charge circuit. I wasn’t sure if I was being dumb when I made this post


Adding some math. 0.5w at say 10s fully charged is .5w/42v == 0.012a. 4p 30q pack is 3000mah*4 == 12ah. 12ah / 0.012a == 1000hr. 1000hr / 24h = 41.67 days to drain down to 0% (about 6 weeks).


I’m afraid this forum needs a new rule against “customer bashing”, can’t believe these rude words.

@nuttyjeff I just checked the voltage on my 10s4p with connected standard vedder antispark switch. I didn’t ride the board since 5 months and the total voltage decreased max. 0.2V - 0.4V, could be even less.

On my MTB I have a 3way directFET antispark switch from @goldenHusky (I pull up to 100A on 12s, works great) and I didn’t ride for 2 months, too. There is no noticeable voltage drop (maybe 0.1V or less).

That’s the first time I read that an antispark switch drains a battery within weeks. This is very bad and should not exist.


For people who use these as tools and not toys, boards get stored “charged”. Do you store your car with all the gasoline drained out? Fuck no… because you might need it at any moment…

So if a system can’t be stored at full charge, then it’s defective for my purposes. A car that couldn’t be parked with more than a half-tank would be defective also.

Sure, if a board breaks down I won’t charge it until it’s repaired. But to suggest that storing these uncharged is normal or correct is hilarious. I don’t make these to look at, I make them to ride.

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