First Budget Build (Kinda), Did I forget anything? 6384, 10s4p homemade pack

Hey there,

This lovely community has introduced me to an expensive addiction. After spending a lot of time reading through this forum, here is my planned first build. Planning to spot weld my pack. Let me know if I am missing anything or if y’all have any recommendations.

Deck: Old Longboard, 1080 mm long

Wheels + bearings:


Motor: Going with the 6834 200kv

Motor Pulley / Mount: (Need this 12mm motor pulley not a 15mm as included in the DIY)

Wheel Pulley - (Ask Dickey if he has black cus black is sexier then silver)

VESC - from a lovely friend, 4.12, no FOC

XT90 antispark x 3-5ish

XT60 x 3-5ish


Built in antispark loop key switch

Controller - Enertion Nano-X, if used, anyone selling one? Or maybe this, its damn cool:

But I probably don’t have the skills for it.

Batteries: X40 - 10s4p (we gettin that range baby!)

LION Charger-

Charging tip from buddy

Nickel for spot welding -

Black PVC Heat Shrink Tubing - 180mm

Insulating cardboard paper -

Enclosure - Going to 3d print

Misc -

12AWG wire x 3 feet

18AWG wire x 3 feet


Threaded Wood insert

M4 x 10mm threaded insert:

M4 x 16mm screws:

Do I have everything I need? Will this be a solid build?

These cells are better

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Appears so! Is the good price just since its from NKON?

Yeah i think shipping is like 30euros but they are definitely legit

take inspiration from @taz’s new battery

20190320_095642 20190320_095650 20190320_095658 20190328_192310


Would those connectors be better then just using the nickel I was getting? Im going one stack

these are better wheels

reduces the number of welds to make, and what deck are you using? Much quicker/easier to build a pack this way

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How much better are those wheels?

I have a cheap longboard I got at GoodWill.

Where can I get connectors like that?

that BMS I don’t think does balancing I tried those tiny china BMS and burned up 4 now, I eventually got one like this and I’m much happier with it (I’m assuming your planning on bypassing the BMS since it was only for 15amps?)

I hadnt caught that, thanks. How do I get total amps for entire thing? It says every 1000 mah is 8.33 amps, but that means with 40 its crazy high? Sorry I think im confused on this aspect of batteries.

Im NA, this look good?

you want the 2p one

Really? Even tho I’m making 4p? How’s that work

Look at the pictures i sent you

Okay thanks. I’ve learned enough to know I’m scared and willing.

As an alternative, what’s the labor fee for having someone build a pack on the forums? I want to do it myself but I also don’t have experience with this.

Sorry I’m not sure what people charge

Thank you for all your help. I might play it safe and go for something like this

Either way more research is warranted

I would suggest to go for NESE modules. Spot-welding is a hassle and I won’t recommend if you are on a budget and a beginner. If it’s something you have done before, then sure.

You can buy entire modules(3D printed boxes+copper tabs+fasteners) from if you have access to 3D printer then you can build a 10s4P pack for <$150. Let me know if you need more information.

Okay, I messaged the maker of the NESE

I would love more info, I have access to a 3d printer, but despite all the research ive done, batteries are still very complicated and confusing.

You can refer to my build thread “basic pneumatic board” to see how I used them in my board.

You can also ask questions in the “NESE” thread and people will help you.