First Build ADVICE / HELP would be appreciated :D

It’s a little brand, called gyromax (it’s french) but I’m 100 percent sure it will be very different ! I’m getting about 12km range and about 32km/h speed when battery is full and on flat surface (not uphill)

So I think going for the 10S is the best option and as you said, I don’t want to die on my board :wink: I think about going still for the 190kv even if I surely won’t push them to max speed but if I ever change my wheels for smaller ones (like 83mm) because I’d like to try the tandem axle thing (I don’t have a link but google it it looks nice) and the 190kv I found are sealed and where I live the weather sometimes feels unpredictable so it’s a major good point to me.

Night and day my friend. 10s 5p with 192kv and 16/36 gearing running 107s will pull you up any hill with ease. I’m 100kg and my 10s set up exactly like that rips me up some very steep inclines with no issues. Tops out around 50kmh and thats fast enough for anyone really. My 12s evo 39 on the other hand is ridiculously fast and that takes some getting used to. Keep us all posted on the build as it progresses and good luck.

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Wow thanks ! So with 16/36 you only get to 50km/h ? because I’m getting this out of the calculator : 20 So I’m a bit scared to use this ratio, I was going for 16/40 … but I’m gonna be slower right ? Everyone gets different data so it’s very confusing x)

Also, I’ve got a big question : as a newbie / first build would it be better / simpler to :

buy a benchwheel remote as it is cheap and reliable and thumb control (I’m used to this kind of remote)


get a GT2B and mod it into the sparkle mod (I know soldering a bit and have a 3D printer) ?

You probably have the efficiency rate too high. Should be about 85% 107’s will give you a higher top speed. Mine is based on 97mm wheels. Probably should have mentioned that. lol Mines liion too. Not sure if that makes a difference on that calc. When I said 50kmh i also said thereabouts. I wasn’t too concerned with top speed rating on that board but we did do a speed gun on it and I clocked my son at 56 but hes a lot lighter than me. Calcs are only an idea too. Nothing beats doing it and there will always be discrepancies.

Yes this is a great remote. I only use remotes that have never ever let me down and the benchwheel is one of those.

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Oh ok ! well for now I think I’ll stick with what I’ve put in the Google sheet and I just hope everything goes as planned !

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Well… has only one motor left … and I lost my discount code for benchwheel … nice beginning x) I’m gonna buy the remote anyway cause i still get free shipping , and I’m waiting for an answer from the guy at about when they should get back in stock

Hi everyone, little update on current state here if anyone is reading this thread x)

I made a few changes in the configuration of the board, the reason is : I want to avoid as much as possible to order from anyone not in europe, had to do some maths but it’s definitely not worth it for most parts :

for example, it’s about the same price to order trucks and mounts from TB (which initially costs 150 euros approx.) and to order them from evolve : it costs me 230 euros for the supercarve trucks and the mounts, but there is only 8,50€ shipping, and no taxes to add to the initial price.

So I updated almost everything on the google sheet, added VAT and shipping costs and put the link on every product. I’m waiting for the answer of @fottaz about the pulley on to know which model to buy for the 107s but as soon as I know I will start ordering parts.

Hope the wheel pulley from eskating is gonna be compatible with the Supercarve trucks

Also waiting on the board to order the enclosure from @bigben and still looking for a battery builder in the EU but I’ve got some time for this

Only things I’ll order from the US are the Unity Focbox (unless they still have a european warehouse which would be reeeeally nice) and maybe the benchwheel remote (or maybe I’ll go for a GT2B, because if it goes through border, taxes and everything, it’s really not worth it)

That was a bit long for a little update, but I’m getting more and more excited to get the first parts !

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@pjotr47 ?

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I saw he was doing it but saw no thread about it and wasn’t sure

Also saw @Acido was making batteries but haven’t asked yet

Supercarve trucks on an Evo? That’ll be interesting. It has been done before though:

@pjotr47 is still sorting things out with laws and stuff to become an official battery building business, no idea when he’ll be open to orders again. :confused:

I’ll be learning how to build batteries over the summer myself (just makes sense since I don’t foresee ever quitting this hobby), but idk if I’ll be able to help you out. I got my most recent battery made by @e.board_solutions (about 100€ more expensive than from someone on the forum), but it made sense due to free shipping. You can get pulleys from his store as well, but maybe you could get those from Evolve as well, that way being sure they will fit on the trucks.


Thanks I’ll look it up !

Ok, if you have any other names that come to your mind …

Yeah I was thniking about it but I wanted some 40T and they only have 38 T, guess I’ll have to find another motor pulley to get the same ratio

BTW are 6374 motor compatible with the stock Evolve motor mounts ? i’m a bit worried

EDIT : I think their pulleys are 12mm and not 15 so it’s annoying

EDIT2 : mounts are not compatible, unikboard does not have them now, if you know another dealer now …


I am still working out my business. But now the most important thing the coming month is my university exams. After that I am going to enjoy some little holiday, come to Paris and then try to start the whole business.

But thnx for the tag :blush:


Yeah, I do make them But there will be some wait time

@pjotr47 Good luck for your exams and your business :slight_smile:

@Acido what kind of wait time ? It’s not a problem but if could give an estimation it would be great :smiley:

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Probably close to a month


Maybe this is something for you?

Fits for dual 6355 sealed :slight_smile:

@Acido ok so not really a big delay :smiley:

@e.board_solutions I’m going to use 6374 in dual so it’s not gonna fit, and I’ve already chosen almost all my parts but thanks for the link :slight_smile:

I’m adding the link to the google sheet here and in the first post just in case :

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Hi everyone !

Little update here !

I ordered a few parts last week (check the google sheet) most importantly the motors, deck and motor pulleys + a few other things :slight_smile: I’m waiting for @e.board_solutions to get my deck at his place before he can ship everything to me :smiley:

I might also order the Unity this week so I can get it before summer hopefully

VERY IMPORTANT : I’m looking for someone or a shop that can sell motor mounts for dual 6374 motors for the Evolve Trucks @okp isn’t answering and I read that he doesn’t work with UnikBoards anymore sooo it’s getting hard to find some.

@pjotr47 If you still have the ones you wanted to sell I’d still be interested :smiley:

have a nice week everyone :slight_smile:

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