First build - Bustin Boombox 10s4p Samsung 30Q Dual OM5065 SixShooters AT

Hi all, thanks for all info on this forum…i’ve been reading this forum for the last 2 weeks!! It’s insanely good!

I am starting my first build single motor (TB 6374 190KV). I need help on how to take de best torque out of it (as i live in a hilly area - 15% - i have 75kg/165lbs), and still want a good range of around 32km/20 miles. I don’t really mind going much faster, as the asphalt in my neighboardhood is terrible (that’s why i am going with 90mm wheels but down the road will change to 97mm, i think).

My parts list (ordered so far):

  • Deck Bustin Boombox (stiff) - 38’’ - Battery + Eletronics space - 20’‘x6’’ (i could push a little).

  • TB 6374 190kv (Single Motor Build) collections/electric-skateboard-motors/products/electric-skateboard-motor-6374-190kv

  • TB Singlemechanical Kit - Trucks 180mm collections/single-motor-mechanical-kit/products/single-motor-mechanical-kit

  • TB 90mm Wheels (i think i will change to 97mm down the road)

  • TB VESC collections/esc-speed-controller/products/torque-esc-vesc-bldc-electronic-speed-controller

  • TB Nano Remote collections/remote-controller/products/torqueboards-2-4ghz-nano-remote-controller

  • 50units of Battery Panasonic NCR18650PF 2900mAh - 10A discharge rate

To summarize the questions in my head:

  • Initially i was thinking on 10s4p, but not sure what i am loosing not going to 12s4p. Just top-speed? Or also loosing some torque ?
  • 60k erpm limit. I would be very close with 12s4p. Would i be safe?
  • Need advise on BMS/Charging port connectors and on/off switch.
  • Enclosures!!! Need some help here. I was thinking on building one with Kydex…but not completelly sure.

Can’t wait to receive the rest of the parts…still 30days away (i live in Brazil).

Thanks guys.


I wouldn’t personally go 12s on that vesc it had mixed results


Personally, I think 10s4p is a nice place to be. Lots of power and enough top speed.


Why not use higher discharge cells so you can have a smaller pack? A 3P of 30Qs would be able to discharge more amps than a 5P of these.

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Unfortunatelly i already bought de batteries :pensive:

Lol don’t be sad, I personally love those cells, just too pricey, they barely sag at full load for miles, I have a 7s3p I run at 28A

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yeah @willpark16, i know what you mean; as it’s my first build, i want to stay on the safe side as much as possible.

Thanks @scepterr! :slight_smile: How many miles do you take out of your 7s3p?

14ish with a 50mm 160kv motor 12ish with 6374 190kv

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cool, good info!

On the Cac.esk8 i am getting 23miles with 10s4p…this configuration might get what i need.

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@Guacamoleface I saw that you used hot iron solder on your board…how the batteries are holding on?..any issue so far?

I Just split the battery, and all solderspots seem fine. Used for one summer on rough pavement. Getting a spotwelder early next week so building a new one with another structure. But battery held up nice. Soldering was a hell of a job because you have to solder one parallell and let it rest and cool down before soldering it again. Took quite somw time just due to keeping heat distribution down

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good luck with the new battery pack…i still need to figure out where spot weld my pack, without having to buy one from aliexpress

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Would you be more comfortable with a 12s on FOCBOX?

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Yes Or Ollin vesc

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hi all, all my parts arrived. I decided to change couple of things.

Thanks to @NickTheDude , i have change the batteries to Samsung 30Q. Still 10S4P.

I also changed de Motor mount to reversed to use the little tail Bustin deck has. Will post more pics.

I have to say that my first battery pack was a challenging one. Thanks to @darkkevind i was able to spot weld my pack using his car battery+solenoid welder! Not perfect Welds, but good enough. Thanks there!

To build it, i have used the @whitepony schema below. On the edges (where the current flows) i used double nickel strips 0.15mm x 8mm.

On the edges, to link the 5 packs of 2S4P i have soldered 10wg wire to a nickel support, and then welded on the pack. I did not weld directly to the pack as i was afraid to transfer too much heat to the cells, as i am not an experienced welder.

I still need to connect BMS cables. This is how the pack is looking so far.


Hey man, glad I could be of some assistance.

Yeah those welds take some practice to get right with that welder, but once you get it… oh boy! :slight_smile:

Good work :thumbsup:

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:slight_smile: Yeah, in the end i was kinda getting used to. Thanks for detailed video!! Saved my build. Happy xmas!!

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Part list UPDATED. Will post more pics soon.

That’s all i recall now - will post more pics soon after i receive the 3d printed enclosure (should be here by next week).