First Build | doesnt work | easy Build only esc ,hub motor and batteries ;*(

Hello Guys I have a problem . The whole setup doesnz work. I have Meepo esc, dual hub motor max. 36v And 2x 3000mah 5s Zippys

So only the brake does work and i dont know what to do with the wires( hall sensor)

20190708_165615 20190708_165606

So you need a JST connector for those sensor wires, and they could be the reason why the ESC isnt working (im not familiar with the Meepo ESC so idk if it runs FOC, BLDC, sensored or unsensored)

Thx for the answer . Should i solder the wires ?

Again, not sure if theyre even necessary. Could you link the ESC? Tbh you’d probably get more help on the other forum, since theyre more experienced (link is in my profile)

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Try chargeing your remote and your board because the esc your useing has a feature that allows you to break but not accelerate at low remote or board battery.

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I will try it :slight_smile:

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  • As a safety feature, this ESC disables acceleration and only allows braking whenever the battery on your remote or board is critical low.

Also, it appears as though this ESC only runs sensorless FOC, in which case, your sensor wires are unneeded and can be tucked aways somewhere

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Hm. I charged my batteries at 4 volt per cell and it shows me that i only have low batterie and the breaks only work

How about your remote? Is it charged? And what is the total pack voltage?

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My remote was fully charged and i dont know what my total volatage is. I charged it to 75% . So that shows me the charger

Do you have access to a voltmeter? and is the charger (or rather meter) set to the right voltage?

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So when in charging i can see how much volts it has. And when im charging i select balance charger and 5s 3000mah. I dont think that i did an mistake

Waity, youre running a 5s battery?

Yes but im connected it parralel with an xt80 atapter

So do you have 2 5s batteries connected in parrallel? Im not sure if 5s is in the operational voltage of the ESC

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10s is the best voltage for a esc. But i heard that when im running 2x 5s in parrallel it goes to 10s. And should i buy an voltage meeter ?

2 x 5s in serial gives you 10s not parallel.


I mean that. I need 10s for my esc and the motors